Mr. Cash Back Slots

Mr.-Cash-BackMr. Cash Back is an interesting slot, which can actually give you some of the money you lost back, just like the title suggests. It will only do so in certain conditions, during the bonus feature, but it’s still a cool theme for a slot machine to have. The designer behind this slot is Playtech and the design actually seems to be centered around a banker of sorts, a chubby character dressed in a suit, smoking a cigar and handing you money in one of the symbols. With bags of gold, stacks of cash and with a piggy bank also among the symbols, you get the picture pretty fast.

All the action in Mr. Cash Back takes place on just 15 paylines, spread across 5 reels. The creator of the game is Playtech, while the features that you will gain access to include the Cash Back option, the free spins, multipliers, scatters and wilds. A $75,000 jackpot is the most you can take home.

Features of Mr. Cash Back

The game’s features are rich enough to make this game a good choice even without the cash back feature that it advertises. The others include a wild symbol, a scatter and the feature it triggers which gives you free games, freezing wilds and multipliers.

The Banker symbol, shown while he’s smoking a cigar, is capable of substituting for a regular symbol, so it will not do anything about the scatter. Get the wild symbol to appear on a payline of its own, multiple times, and you can get a prize out of it. It goes up to 7,500x, which would be the slot’s top jackpot. When it appears alone, the wild can still help you out, since it can be part of new combinations.

The game logo gets used in the role of the scatter, the only symbol that doesn’t have to form a regular combination in order to award its prize. All you need is for a minimum of three Logos to be in some random location on the reels, and that will get you a prize between 5x and 100x the value of the triggering wager.

Free Games Feature

You also get the free spins with the help of the scattered Logos, a role that is traditional for this symbol. It will give you 12 free spins, which benefit from x2 multipliers for their prizes, plus they come with freezing wilds, which remain in place when they appear.


Cash Back Feature

This is a feature that you shouldn’t expect to get that often. It only starts up if you haven’t won any money in the last 50 spins. If that happens, you get back some of the money you wagered, but not all of it. You get only 50x the line bet back, so that’s 1/15th what you invested. Still, it’s an extra chance to walk away with some money in your pocket, even if you’re extremely unlucky.


Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 15 bet lines placed on the game’s 5 reels get wagers of up to $10. The line bet uses up to 10 coins, which are valued at $0.01 to $1. If you add it all up, you end up with a $150 total bet.

Mr. Cash Back himself gives away the slot’s biggest prize, a 7,500x multiple that can turn into $75,000 cash.

Design and symbols

With a theme that is based on the idea of cash back, what better character to be the hero than a banker type, complete with an expensive cigar and a green suit. Everything in this slot is about money, from the feature symbols, to many of the other icons used, like the piggy bank or the stacks of gold and cash. The design style is an older one, perfect for a comic book or some old newspaper cartoon, made to make you smile. It feels like a good choice in this case, even though it’s a retro look.

Symbols: Mr. Cash Back (wild, 7,500x), Logo (scatter, 100x the round’s bet), Gold Coins (800x), Piggy Bank (500x), Banknotes (300x), Ace (200x), King (150x), Queen (150x), Jack (100x), Ten (75x) and Nine (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Cash Back feature is interesting, but the prize seems on the low side, having the same value as the lowest paying combo of the game. What remains is a short list of features, a low quality design that does fit the slot’s theme and a prize that is a good return on the investment you make each spin.

The Mr. Cash Back slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.