Neptune’s Kingdom Slots

Neptune's-KingdomNeptune’s Kingdom is a classic slot machine from Playtech, which is themed around Neptune, the god of the seas. He’s the Roman god of both sea and freshwater, but in this case the slot is clearly about the sea part. He does the same thing in the Roman mythology as Poseidon does in the Greek version. The game is about him and about his kingdom, using together mermaids, treasure chests and various sea creatures, with his trident also making an appearance. It’s not the best looking slot you will see, even among the classics, but if looks aren’t that important to you, keep reading.

There are 5 lines in Neptune’s Kingdom, at the higher limit for a 3 reel slot machine. You don’t get features from this game, classics tend to be that way, while its biggest prizes will only give you $750.

Features of Neptune’s Kingdom

A classic slot machine is known for how simple it can be, especially feature wise. This hasn’t changed with Neptune’s Kingdom, a game that doesn’t give you any special features to hang on to. You spin the reels and you either get a winning combo, or you don’t. There is nothing else to it.

Betting options and jackpots

Even with only 5 lines available, you can still bet $25 on this slot machine. The 5 lines would each get $5 coins at the highest setting, while at the lowest the denominations could be as small as $0.05.

The paytable indicates that the top jackpot gives back only 150x the line bet. It means a maximum of $750, not that great of a motivator. Even that prize, it is only given if you have the right combo of symbols on the 5th payline. Getting the same symbols on another line can mean prizes as low as 100 coins/$500.

Design and symbols

Since this is a marine themed slot, you can expect for the blue color to be predominant, and it is. Neptune himself is in the logo area, holding his trident and propping up the logo. The ocean is in the background, where you can guess that there is a sunken ship, while the paytable is in the front. The reels are in the lower half of the screen, with the betting area being right below them. The design style is a bit older, and the game doesn’t impress with the way the symbols are drawn, but there are a lot of games out there that look much worse than it does.

Symbols: Treasure Chest (150 coins), Mermaid (50 coins), Trident (40 coins), Blue Fish (30 coins), Lobster (25 coins) and Orange Fish (20 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

As far as classics go, this one isn’t a bad one in most areas, with the exception of its top jackpot. You should be able to find games that manage to motivate you better than this one does, with its $750 top jackpot.

Neptune’s Kingdom can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.