Party Line Slots

Party-LineParty Line is a game that’s trying to celebrate something, though I’m not sure what that is. It’s a party themed slot machine, created by Playtech, which has all sorts of party items among its symbols. There are party hats and there are balloons, there is music and you have the opportunity to cheer yourself up with its help. It’s also a classic though, so the design needs a little more work to bring it to today’s design standards.

A classic game, Party Line gets 3 reels & 1 bet line. Features are nowhere to be seen, though I didn’t expect them to be present in a true classic slot anyway. The most you can win in this slot is $20,000.

Features of Party Line

What a lot of people love about a classic slot machine is that it doesn’t have features of any kind. That’s exactly what Party Line will give you, a slot machine that you can just enjoy for what it is, a simple game with nothing complicated about it. If the old Las Vegas experience is what you’re seeking, this slot will give it to you.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting system is standard for a game of this type, even the amounts being common. You can bet up to $5 with each coin, being able to use a maximum of 3 coins per line, or up to $15 total. The lowest denomination is at $0.05, which is also the smallest possible wager in this case.

The 4,000 coins won through the best combo and while using three coins in your bets, will get you up to $20,000 cash. Using fewer coins is not recommended, as the amount you win per coin wagered will be lower when the jackpot is won.

Design and symbols

The design is half classic, half party themed. The layout with 3 reels and the shape of the classic slot machine make up the former half, while the party theme is visible in the background areas and in the symbols that are used. There are no classic symbols here, which is something I can appreciate since they are so present in most of these simple slot machines. The background image is filled with balloons and party hats, the same things you will find among the symbols.

Symbols: Party Hat (4,000 coins), Saxophone (1,500 coins), Keyboard (750 coins), Radio (300 coins), Red Drink (180 coins), Blue Drink (120 coins) and Yellow Drink (60 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s not a bad slot machine for a classic, but it doesn’t really try to stand out in any way, not even with its design, an area where a lot can be done in this category. Give it a shot only if you really like the theme that was chosen for it.

The Party Line slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.