Pink Panther Slots

Pink-PantherPink Panther is a game that gets as a theme the famous character from a number of French comedy movies and animations. It’s the Pink Panther, of course, a character that often appears in animated movies that have Inspector Jacques Clouseau at the center, while in the movies the same name is used for a very large pink diamond instead. In this case, the Pink Panther theme refers to the animated character, the one that had an animation series of its own, and not to the movies with the same name. Playtech is the one that decided to create a slot machine based on this beloved character, and I’m glad they did.

Pink Panther’s 5 reels get as many as 40 bet lines that can be activated each round. Designed by Playtech, it gives you half a dozen different randomly triggered bonus games, plus free spins, multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds. All in all, a game that will keep you busy, while in the distance lies that $100,000 top jackpot that you can aspire to. There are also two progressive jackpots, won through one of those random bonus games.

Features of Pink Panther

The features you get access to in Pink Panther include the typical scatter and wild symbols, but you also get a number of very interesting bonus games, which can only get triggered at random times as you play the base game.

First, let’s talk about the wild, if for no other reason than because it is represented on the reels by the Pink Panther. As a wild, it’s a basic feature, which will substitute for other symbols, nothing more. It doesn’t expand, doesn’t stack and doesn’t multiply the prizes it contributes to. It also doesn’t substitute for the scatter symbol, but that’s quite normal. On the other hand, a wild can form a combo of two to five symbols of this type, if you happen to get multiple Pink Panthers together. Their prizes will reach up to 5,000x the line wager.

The scatter symbol is also quite basic, meaning that you do get decent prizes from it, but not the free spins that it usually also offers. With a minimum of three scattered symbols, and a maximum of five, you get prizes in the 5x – 125x range, using the triggering bet as a guide.

One of the best things about this slot is the six different bonus features that get randomly triggered, as you play it. They add a bit more excitement to the game, though I would’ve preferred to have the feeling of control, by getting them through regular symbols.

Pink Trail Bonus

This feature is one of the six that get triggered at random. In it, you have to assist Clouseau, as he tries to locate the diamond called Pink Panther. The three steps taken by the inspector will give you prizes, as long as they are successful. You can continue or you can collect your winnings, with the possibility of falling into a trap being present, which can wipe away your bonus.


Pink Pow

The second random feature will get you some extra wild symbols, by blowing up between two and six regular ones. It might give you some extra prizes during the round where it is triggered.


Crack The Pink Code

This feature puts you on a screen with 10 safes that are locked. You will find inside the safe that you choose either free spins, expanding wilds or multipliers. Once this feature ends, you go on to play your round of free spins, while using the extras that might’ve been inside those safes (multipliers and expanding wilds).


The Color Pink

Here, two of the slot’s characters, Little Man and Pink Panther, paint an entire wall with various numbers, which are added up and taken into account. The numbers on the walls add up and the sum is multiplied with the total bet value. If you’re not satisfied with the value of the prize, you can request for the wall to be repainted.


Wheel of Pink

There are two wheels that spin in this bonus feature. You get cash payouts on the reel that is on the outside, while the inner wheel gets either Collect or Respin on it. If you get Respin, you keep getting prizes until you hit Collect.


Jackpot Adventure

This would be my favorite feature, out of the half a dozen that are randomly triggered. The reason is that it can give you one of two progressive jackpots. The main one is called Major Pink, the second one is Minor Pink. You open various doors, getting one of the three main characters behind them. Once you get three doors with the Pink Panther, you win the biggest progressive jackpot. If you get the Inspector three times first, the second best prize is yours. The consolation prize is offered for getting three doors with Little Man.


Betting options and jackpots

In order to get the most out of this slot, you should select all 40 paylines, even if the bet can go as high as $800 when you do so. The 10 coins allowed on each bet line can have up to $2 as a denomination, with the lowest amount being only $0.01.

As for the big prize, it’s at 5,000x, or up to 50,000 coins. The $100,000 that it can bring you is one reason to play this slot, the other being the progressive jackpots winnable in one of the random bonus features (Jackpot Adventure).

Design and symbols

If you’ve seen the animation movies, or even the intro sequences to the movies, you will notice how perfectly they did this slot machine. Its design matches what you would expect if you saw the animation series when you were a kid. I for one love most of the slot’s design, or at least the individual symbols and outer area. There are playing cards as well, unfortunate as always, but you still get a feel for how fun this slot can be when you look at it. As expected, the color pink is predominant in the game.

Symbols: Pink Panther (5,000x), Logo (scatter, 125x round bet), Inspector Clouseau (500x), Little Man (300x), Bomb (200x), Pink Paint (200x), Magnifying Glass (150x), Footsteps (150x), Ace (100x), King (100x), Queen (70x), Jack (70x) and Ten (70x).


Is It Worth Playing?

There is no doubt in my mind that this is how most slot machines should be like. While you have the basic features in the game, the real fun comes from the half a dozen bonus games that can get triggered at random. They can give you a progressive jackpot, or a number of other fun bonuses and free spins. It’s also a well designed game, perfect for a fan of the Pink Panther.

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther character is sometimes a real panther (in the animation series), and other times it’s the name used for a valuable diamond that keeps getting stolen. Either way, Inspector Clouseau is a big part of both the movies and the animation series, a detective from the French police, which doesn’t seem to be doing his job very well. A total of 11 movies were made with him as the main character, about which about six featured the Pink Panther diamond, though all of them had the name in the title.

The idea of an animated series that was based on Pink Panther came as a result of a sequence at the opening of the movie released in 1963, the first one in the series (The Pink Panther). Various short animation movies were created after that, which culminated with The Pink Panther Show, an animation series that was shown by NBC in 1969. There were also movies made based on the animated character.

Pink Panther can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.