Plenty O Fortune Slots

Plenty-O-FortunePlenty O Fortune is your average Irish themed slot machine in a lot of ways, but the features seem to be slightly better than average, so you do have reasons to give it a shot. Coming from Playtech, the game looks like some serious effort went into it, but in the end it’s still one of a few dozen games that focus on leprechauns, treasures, clovers and things like wishing wells, all of these being classics in the Irish stories.

This Playtech game offers you 5 reels and a total of 20 active bet lines on them. Three types of scatters exist, with bonus games and free spins triggered by them, plus wilds being also present. While the top prize is not offering you a multiplier that impresses, it can still give you $25,000 cash.

Features of Plenty O Fortune

As I’ve said, the features of Plenty O Fortune are better than you would expect in an average game of this type. It not only has the usual wild symbol, but also three different scatters, which will bring you free spins with Plenty O’ Coins and two bonus games (Wishing Well and End of the Rainbow).

Before I begin talking about the features, I’ll mention one thing about the game’s symbols. There are only six regular icons on the paytable, which is quite low for a five reel slot machine (8 to 10 would be more typical). It’s in your advantage, as this means that there are increased odds that a combo will form. The disadvantage comes when the payouts are concerned, as they are smaller than average in order to compensate.

The Rainbow wild looks like a symbol that is designed to get your attention when it makes an appearance. The symbol will substitute for the six regular icons, but it can’t do that with the three scatters. Obviously, the Rainbow symbol still has to be present in the exact right location before it can do any substitution. Whenever Rainbows land together on a line, starting from the 1st reel and going to the right, they will form combinations of two to five symbols and pay between 2x and 500x the line bet.

Wishing Well Bonus

One of the three scatter symbols which the game will get on the reels, the Wishing Well triggers the bonus game with the same name. A minimum of three Wishing Wells need to appear before the bonus game will start. When this happens, the symbols will start spewing out gold coins, while the leprechaun will come and try to catch as many as he can in his hat.


The value of the prize goes up with each additional symbol. It’s double the average value of a three symbol trigger when there are four of them. With five, the value is at ten times the average value.

End of the Rainbow

Triggered by the presence of 3+ scattered Pots of Gold, End of the Rainbow takes you to the location of the leprechaun’s riches. You must help him move on the path with pots of gold, in order to get to the one from the end of the rainbow.


You will notice a total of six small turns on that path, and at each turn you are required to pick one of the pots of gold. You get a prize from it. If you also get the Collect message, the bonus game ends right there.

The number of symbols that have triggered the feature matters when it comes to the value of the prizes. They’re at 3x the usual value when four instead of three scatters started the feature, while five scatters will offer 10x more.

Free Games Feature

The third and final scatter I’m going to talk about is the one with the Leprechaun on it. Present on the centre three reels, you need it to make an appearance on all three before you can get started with the 12 free spins which you’re offered.


The free spins benefit from three special symbols, which are added to the reels. Each one offers you a prize whenever it appears on the reels. The Bronze Coin gives you 1x the bet, the Silver Coin is at 2x the bet and the Gold Coin offers 5x the bet.

Betting options and jackpots

Look at the bottom left corner and you will notice the Lines and the Line Bet sections, which allow you to customize the bets. The first one can be used to change the number of active lines, between 1 and 20 being available. The second option goes from $0.01 up to $50. Max out everything, and the result will be a $1,000 wager per spin.

The biggest reward offered by this game is at 500 coins, which only means $25,000 for you. I use the word “only” because the wager required for that kind of payout is at $1,000 for all 20 lines.

Design and symbols

Like many other titles from Playtech, Plenty O Fortune has a character that moves around near the game area, dancing and celebrating with you when you have a winning combo. The background shows you the Irish countryside, with lots of green hills and with a rainbow coming down somewhere in your vicinity. The one unfortunate thing about it is the fact that they used too many playing cards, so they usually take up 90% of the positions on the reels.


Symbols: Rainbow (wild, 500 coins), Wishing Well (scatter), Leprechaun (scatter), Pot of Gold (scatter), Game Logo (250 coins), Ace (150 coins), King (150 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins) and 10 (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Despite the heavy use of playing cards, the game has some very nice pros, like the fact that it has fewer symbols than your average slot, or the presence of three scatters and two bonus games.

Plenty O Fortune can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.