Rocky Slots

RockyRocky is one of Playtech’s slot machines, a game with a theme that needs no introduction. It’s a boxing themed slot, with the main characters being the ones from Rocky IV, a movie released in 1985. Based on the characters that appear in it, with Dolph Lundgren being one of them, Rocky IV is the movie that was chosen for this particular slot to be built on. It’s a patriotic looking game, with the American flag used as a theme for the letters of the word ROCKY, the letters being used instead of playing cards. It also uses photos of the actors, not drawings or cartoons.

Rocky’s fans will find that this slot machine has 5 reels and 25 paylines, making it a modern game. The developers added in it a KO bonus round, free spins and multipliers, scatter symbols and a wild, all features that modern games should have. A $200,000 top jackpot is the one that will make you truly happy though, the ultimate target in this game.

Features of Rocky

The list of features that are available tends to be quite normal, including a wild symbol, a scatter, a bonus game that is boxing related and the chance to win a small prize when you spell the word ROCKY on the screen.

To begin with, one of the smaller prizes you can get from the special features is the one obtained with the help of the ROCKY letters. Each of those five letters appears on its own and forms combinations of up to five symbols. When you manage to spell the word ROCKY on a payline, with all five symbols arranged the right way, you get a payout worth 5 times the bet you used.


Rocky himself is part of the wild symbol’s image. You will see it on a regular basis, as it is either forming its own combinations, or it’s helping others do the same. The help it gives others is in the form of its substitution power, which allows it to replace another symbol in a combo that gets formed as a result. It can’t substitute for the two special symbols, bonus and scatter, but it works in every other situation, as long as it’s located on the right payline. The prizes that are offered directly by the Rocky symbol reach a value of 10,000x, with the line wager being the one multiplied.

You get a scatter symbol as well, the Rocky Logo being the one selected for the role. What this symbol does for you depends on exactly how many of these Logos are present at the same time on the reels, without taking into account the exact location. If you have two or more, you get a cash prize, which can go as high as 100x the triggering bet. If you have three or more, in addition to a prize you also get free spins.

Free Games Feature

The free spins are activated with the help of the scatter symbol, where three of them will get you 15 spins, four will get you 20 spins and five will award the maximum number of 25 free spins. All these spins have their own x2 multiplier, doubling all the prizes offered.


Knockout Bonus

The bonus symbol is actually composed of two different ones, one for the 1st reel (the white glove), the other for the 5th reel (red glove). In order to trigger the Knockout Bonus, you need the two gloves to appear on the two reels at the same time.

Your first choice is regarding the opponent you’re going to have, the options being Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago or Apollo Creed. A fight with 10 rounds comes next, bonuses being given for the rounds that are won by you, while the last round will be a KO. Getting the KO through Rocky sooner gets you all the other rounds that should’ve followed as being won by you, with the bonuses that they offer.


Betting options and jackpots

Rocky’s bets are made on 1 to 25 paylines, with a bigger number giving you more chances to win each round. For each payline, you can choose as many as 10 coins, so the total number of coins in the game goes up to 250. As for the coins, at their highest they’re worth $2, while their lowest value is only $0.01. A maximum bet of $500 is possible, though the smallest wager is at $0.01, so there is plenty of room to maneuver if your budget is limited.

A 10,000x reward is on the line in Rocky, which when you take into consideration the bets that are made will become a prize of up to $200,000 ($20 line bets can be used).

Design and symbols

With the letters of the ROCKY word appearing quite often, the game gives you a very patriotic vibe, the letters using the US flag as their theme. With various other photos of actors posing as boxers and with other boxing related symbols appearing on the reels, the developers didn’t miss the mark with this game. The red and blue mix, together with the all black reels work well together, making it a slot you’re probably going to enjoy.

Symbols: Rocky (wild, 10,000x), Rocky Logo (scatter, 100x round bet), White & Red Glove (bonus), Apollo Creed (1,000x), Ivan Drago (800x), Clubber Lang (500x), Adrian (300x), Paulie (300x), R Symbol (250x), O Symbol (200x), C Symbols (150x), K Symbol (100x) and Y Symbol (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you look at it without considering the theme, you’re going to find that it’s a good game, but not that different from many others that Playtech has to offer. As a fan of boxing, of the Rocky movies or if you simply want a good game to play, it should be a good choice.

Rocky IV (1985)

The slot’s action is based on the plot of the fourth movie from the Rocky series, which you can recognize by the actors that played in it and which are part of the symbols. Rocky IV was released in 1985 and it follows Rocky Balboa’s fight against Ivan Drago, the best boxer that the Soviet Union has to offer in the movie. This particular movie was the best earning out of the four of the series, getting more than $300 million from the box office (keep in mind, this is in 1985), while its budget was only $28 million.

Besides Sylvester Stallone, which was an actor, director and writer for the movie, other notable presences included Dolph Lundgren, Talia Shire, Brigitte Nielsen, Tony Burton and Carl Weathers.

This Rocky slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.