Secrets Of The Amazon Slots

Secrets-of-the-AmazonIn Secrets Of The Amazon, Playtech chose to offer a slot machine with a theme that shows off the beauty of the Amazon jungle. You will see a beautiful game here, with the jungle present all around the reels and actually contributing with vines to their formation. There is a lot of beauty in the jungle, and Playtech took advantage of that and made sure that this slot machine shows it off. A combination of predators, birds and lizards are the stars of the game, but a beautiful young lady with tribal decorations is also present. You can read more about her below.

A maximum of 20 active lines can be used by players on each spin of the game’s 5 reels. There are some very cool features, especially the free spins with increasing multipliers of up to 50x, but also the bonus game, the scatters and the wilds. A $1,250,000 top jackpot is possible in the game, if your wagers are high enough.

Features of Secrets Of The Amazon

As the features of this game, the developers used wilds which multiply wins, scatter symbols, free games and bonus games. They’re all very well made and quite fun to play through.

If there is one thing to love about this game, it would be the value of the prizes which are offered through the wild and the scatter. You will find that the wild will pay as much as 50,000x when you get a combo of five such symbols. The image selected for the wild is that of the Amazonian Girl. Combinations can form with as few as two symbols, but for the truly astounding results you will want all five to be present. They’re obviously used as regular wilds as well, substituting for other symbols and doubling wins whenever they can do that.

The Flowers are next on the list, white, beautiful and delicate things that you will love seeing. They offer payouts of up to 2,000x the bet when the maximum of five Flowers are scattered on the reels. The name of the feature actually comes from this ability, of appearing in scattered positions and yet still being capable of awarding prizes.

Moonflower Bonus

You only need three scattered Flowers to get this bonus game started, and their exact position on the reels doesn’t matter. You have to choose one of the three items displayed in front of you and you will find out how many free spins you’ve won. You get more free spins if you had more triggering symbols. 5 to 15 spins are offered for three Flowers, 8 to 18 for four and 10 to 20 for five.


Moonlight Free Games

Once the free games start, you will find that the initial multiplier is at 1x. With each additional spin that you go through, the multiplier goes up by 1x. You can only get 20 free spins initially, with multipliers of up to 20x, but getting 3+ scattered Flowers again will add to the number of free spins and the multipliers will continue going up as well.


There is a limit to this madness though, and it’s at 50 free spins with 50x multipliers. That’s right, you can get up to 50 times more than in the base game, if luck is really on your side.

Betting options and jackpots

The maximum bet has a $500 value in this game, where on each of the 20 lines you can use wagers of up to $25. The minimum wager is at only $0.01 though, plus you can reduce the number of active lines, so you can end up with much smaller investments per spin.

With the game awarding payouts of up to 50,000x the line bet, that means up to $1,250,000 cash for the player with the highest possible wagers. Let’s not forget the scatter symbol and its promise of a prize worth 2,000x the bet, which should mean about $1,000,000.

Design and symbols

While it does help when you have a place as beautiful as the Amazon jungle as a model, the guys from Playtech also did a great job designing this slot machine. The jungle with its flowers, trees and vines surround the reels and actually contribute to their formation. The betting options are placed on flower petals and leaves and they don’t look out of place at all.


Symbols: Amazonian Girl (wild, 50,000 coins), Flowers (2,000x the bet, scatter), Panther (600 coins), Leopard (500 coins), Puma (400 coins), Toucan (150 coins), Parrot (150 coins), Red Snake (100 coins), Chameleon (100 coins) and Tree Frog (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The beauty of the game would be a good enough reason to play it, but when you add prizes that go into seven figure territory and the multipliers of up to 50x of the free spins, you should definitely give this slot a chance.

This Secrets Of The Amazon slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.