Silver Bullet Slots

Silver-BulletSilver Bullet might sound like it’s a vampire themed slot machine, but the design is definitely Wild West inspired, the symbols and the general design leaving no doubt about that. It is a Playtech slot machine, a game that leaves the impression that it’s a fairly old title of theirs, a conclusion that is also drawn from the fact that there are only 9 paylines. The Wild West theme has a lot of fans, with its sheriffs, outlaws and clean air living being an attraction for them. This game has its own pros and cons, but overall it does manage to be an attractive choice for someone that loves the theme.

You get all five reels of a modern slot machine in Silver Bullet, but a rather low number of paylines, with 9 of them active during each spin. Created by Playtech, this slot has only two major features, a scatter and a wild, both of them quite basic. A $50,000 top jackpot is offered inside.

Features of Silver Bullet

The feature section is not that big in Silver Bullet. There are two simple features inside, a scatter symbol and a wild, none of them doing anything out of the ordinary.

The Sheriff Badge is first, a wild symbol that can’t give you any prizes, but at least you will get some help with it and its substitution ability. It’s not always going to come in handy, but at times, when it appears on the right payline and surrounded by matching symbols, you’re going to get a prize with its help that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Next, we have the Colt Six Shooter scatter. The name of the feature comes from the symbol’s ability to award whatever prizes it has to offer by appearing in scattered positions on the screen. In this case, those prizes consist in cash, while in other slots you would also get a chance at some free spins. These prizes go from 1x to 100x the bet of the last spin, depending on the number of Six Shooters that are present.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting system is a classic for a slot machine like this, with 9 paylines and accepting up to 9 coins total. Each of those coins can have a denomination between $0.01 and $5, so the largest bet possible is worth $45.

The bets are not too high, yet you can get up to $50,000 in the best case scenario. It’s the equivalent of 10,000x the line bet, or 10,000 coins to be more precise.

Design and symbols

Being a Wild West themed slot, Silver Bullet uses only symbols that are taken from those times, plus a general design that is made out of wooden beams, with the ends being made out of silver and beautifully decorated. The quality of the symbols is actually not as good as that of the background area, or at least I don’t feel like they have enough details in them.

Symbols: Sheriff Badge (wild), Colt Six Shooter (scatter, 100x the bet), Barrel (10,000 coins), Bomb (500 coins), Seven (200 coins), Whiskey (200 coins), Cowboy Hat (200 coins), Wagon Wheel (150 coins), Pipe (150 coins), Horseshoe (150 coins), Money (100 coins) and Horse (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

For the fan of the Wild West genre, Silver Bullet can be a good slot machine. Its lines might be few and the same can be said about its features, but it’s got good prizes and sometimes simplicity is preferable anyway.

This Silver Bullet slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.