Spamalot Slots

SpamalotSpamalot is a slot machine created by Playtech, with a theme that is based on Monty Python’s Spamalot, a 1975 musical comedy. The basis for it was a movie from the Monty Python series, the one with the Holy Grail. It parodies the legend of King Arthur, and that’s exactly what you are going to see in this game and in the symbols it puts before you. It should be just the right thing for someone that enjoyed the work of the Monty Python group, which dealt with sketch comedy. The original show was a TV series, but it eventually turned into movies and into comedy musicals like the one that this slot is based on.

Spamalot’s 5 reels have 20 bet lines total, with the features included on them being one of the best parts about the game. They include a Jackpot feature, free spins, scatters, wilds and a bonus game with four different features inside it. All in all, it’s a great game, especially if you get the progressive jackpot. The slot’s own $12,500 top prize is somewhat disappointing though.

Features of Spamalot

The game is funny, but that’s not its only attractive quality. The use of features is also a big selling point in this case, the game relying on wild symbols, scatters that trigger free spins with random wilds, and on bonus games.

The Holy Grail, the quest for which can bring you the slot’s top jackpot in Spamalot, acts as the only wild feature available. In its capacity as a wild, it will replace any other symbol, as long as it doesn’t trigger some kind of special feature. It will act as a substitute only for regular symbols, giving away regular prizes. On its own, multiple wilds can form up their own combination, using the same active line as they do so and awarding up to 5,000x as the big prize.

Monty Python’s Scatter is the title of the symbol with the scatter ability. It’s a valuable feature, as it not only awards some of the best prizes of the game, but is also used to trigger the free spins feature. As a scatter symbol, whatever kind of reward it triggers it will do so from any random position in which it appears, as long as the number of symbols of this type is enough. In the case of the cash prizes, a minimum of three symbols will be needed, with the maximum prize of 250x the bet being offered when there are five of them.

Free Games

The same 3+ scatter symbols will get you the free spins feature as well, not just the cash prizes. You get 10 spins for free out of it, with random wild symbols appearing from time to time, making these rounds much more likely to bring winnings than the base game.


Holy Grail Jackpot Feature

The free games also have an extra prize that the base game doesn’t. I’m talking about the two progressive jackpots that can be won. Five symbols with a logo that says “The Jackpot Game” will trigger a bonus feature that takes you through six different levels. During each one, you pick animals and you get either a prize or the round ends. If you get a prize, you also advance to the next level. You keep going like this until you reach level 6, at which point you can win one of two progressive jackpots. The least valuable one is Slightly Less Holy Grail. The bigger one is Holy Grail Jackpot.


Bonus Game

The bonus game is actually composed of four different acts as they call them. You get only one of those four, each one quite interesting. Triggering the bonus game is done with the help of the Cloud With Feet symbol, when it appears in random positions on the 1st and 5th reels.

Storm The Castle is the first potential bonus round you get inside. The castle is apparently firing cows at you, and you have to pick a spot where you think your knights will not get hit. If you choose correctly, you are rewarded with a prize. If your knights get killed, the bonus feature ends.


Knights Who Say Ni is another feature, where your knights are looking for shrubbery. You explore one of the three houses available, and you get a prize from it. If you’re not satisfied, you can look again in another house, but you give up the first prize.


None Shall Pass offers you a x5 multiplier to start with, which will be applied to the bonus prize you win inside. You fight the Black Knight, getting a prize with each limb you cut off. Each miss of the sword drops the multiplier by x1, so the prize keeps getting smaller if you don’t defeat him quickly.


Killer Rabbit is the last of the four features. You choose which of the rocks should be used by the knight that fights Killer Rabbit. The sooner you kill off this monster, the bigger the bonus prize you get. If your knight misses, he is killed, so the next knight comes in and picks up a rock that you choose.


Betting options and jackpots

The game’s not that expensive to play, all 20 lines being covered with just $50 at the highest setting of the wager. The line bet goes from $0.01 to $2.50, using only one coin.

With the wild helping out, you can get 5,000 coins as the jackpot of the game, or up to $12,500. There is also a progressive jackpot on the line, with its own bonus game that triggers it, though only while the free spins are in use.

Design and symbols

The design gives you a pretty good idea of the randomness that can be part of a Monty Python sketch, with the picture of a real cow sitting next to the reels, which are occupied with cartoon style characters that represent the knights of the round table and King Arthur himself. The cow is actually the least attractive part of the slot’s design, as the rest of it tends to look very good.

Symbols: Holy Grail (wild, 5,000 coins), Bonus Cloud (bonus), Logo (scatter, 250x the wager), King Arthur (600 coins), Lady of Lake (400 coins), Sir Lancelot (300 coins), Sir Robin (300 coins), Sir Galahad (300 coins), Ace (200 coins), King (200 coins), Queen (120 coins), Jack (120 coins) and 10 (120 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The humor that Monty Python brought along is one that millions have enjoyed, and this game gives you exactly that kind of fun experience. If you love their comedy, check out the slot as well. It doesn’t hurt that it brings along a nice progressive jackpot as well, not just the ton or so of great features and bonus games.

Monty Python’s Spamalot, the Musical

Based on the movie where Monty Python went on a search for the Holy Grail, Spamalot was released in 2005 as a Broadway show, while the original movie was released in 1975. It’s a musical comedy that makes fun of the legend of King Arthur and of Camelot (Spamalot).

This show was produced for Broadway initially, getting the Best Musical Tony Award in 2004/2005, plus 14 different nominations for other Tony Awards. Over 1,500 performances of this show were put on during the first run, which were seen by over 2 million people, while the ticket sales brought more than $175 million.

Spamalot can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.