Spiderman Slots

SpidermanSpiderman is Playtech’s slot machine and it’s based on the famous comic book that Marvel offers. A few other slot machines exist with the same theme, two of them being from Cryptologic, and they all use the same comic book style design that is also found in this Playtech title. The fans of the Spiderman comic books will be the ones that find this most satisfying, as there is no visible connection to the movies in the design.

It’s not the only Spiderman slot machine available, but it has its advantages, especially when it comes to the features, which include wilds and wild features, scatter symbols, randomly triggered bonus games, different types of free spins and so on. The game has 5 reels & 25 bet lines, while the top jackpot is either a $50,000 prize or a progressive jackpot.

Features of Spiderman

You will discover that the developers didn’t just work hard on the design, but also made sure that the feature list is impressive and fun to go through. The wild symbol is one feature offered, the scatter symbols are also there, plus there are various randomly triggered bonus games and others which come through the symbols.

We have the Wild Logo in the role of the main symbol, which is disappointing since there is nothing special about the image used for it. As a wild, it is capable of replacing a regular symbol in a newly formed combo, behaving the same as the other matching icons if that gets you a win. It’s not the only situation where a wild is useful though, as it can also form a combo directly, by taking over three to five symbol positions. The largest win possible is a 10,000x multiple of the line wager.

Wild Feature

The wild feature gets triggered at random while you’re spinning the reels of the main game. You will notice that the Spiderman that hangs on to the reels will shoot some cobwebs at reels, turning 2 to 4 symbols into wilds during the next spin. These wilds can even substitute for bonus symbols, something which regular wilds can’t do.


Spidey Snapshot

This is another feature which triggers at random while you play the main game. As the reels are spinning, there is a chance that Spiderman will drop to the area in front of the reels, where a camera takes a picture of him. You get a prize between 3x and 10x the bet for that picture.


Spider-Man Collection

This is a feature which you need a bonus symbol to trigger it. The Bonus Logo will appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels and if that happens on all of them and during the same round, you get the bonus game.


A collection of comic books is displayed on a shelf, cycling quickly between them. When you hit on the Stop button, you get one of five features. Below you can read about the five possible bonus games that this feature can trigger.

Ultimate Fight Feature

This is one of the five features that Spider-Man Collection gives you. You have Spiderman going against Green Goblin, both of them being on a rooftop. The fight begins, and you have to choose one of five mystery symbols, to get a type of combo that Spiderman will perform.


You need three successful strikes in consecutive order, in order for the combo strike to be awarded. Defeating Green Goblin triggers an even bigger prize.

City Chase Feature

The second Spider-Man Collection feature is City Chase, where you have to hunt down Green Goblin, in a race through the city. A small bonus is offered for each location you go through. He collects Spider and Mask symbols along the way, which help him avoid the Collect message or which reveal hidden prizes.


If the Mini Bonus is reached, you have to pick an item and you get a cash prize out of it.

Hot Zone Free Games

Third on the list of Spider-Man Collection feature is Hot Zone, with the free spins it offers you. You get 20 free spins from it, with the Spider-Man character helping you out by throwing 2×2 webs on the reels, which remain there for 3 spins. This is called a hot zone, where wilds get stuck when they appear and stay there until the web disappears.


A Green Goblin symbol, when appearing in the hot zone, will become an additional wild with a 2x multiplier.

Rivaling Free Games

The fourth possible feature of Spider-Man Collection, it will bring you 10 free spins which start off with a 1x multiplier. Two symbols which can appear on the 3rd reel will stop the count down of the free spins, or will increase multipliers.


The Spider Logo will stop the counter, so you have an unlimited number of free spins unless a Carved Pumpkin makes an appearance. Multipliers go up to 5x, with each Spider Logo which makes an appearance on the 3rd reel when the counter is stuck adding 1x to it. The multiplier counter is reset by the appearance of the Carved Pumpkin symbol on the 3rd reel.

Radioactive Free Games

The fifth and final possible feature coming from Spider-Man Collection is this one, where the appearance of the radioactive spider on the 3rd reel will trigger the appearance of two additional wilds on the 2nd and 4th reels. The Radioactive Spider only shows up on the 3rd reel and it acts as a wild.


Betting options and jackpots

Since 25 lines are used by the game, and you can take the line bet as high as $5, you can expect the maximum wager to be worth $125. Smaller bets are possible though, either by reducing the number of lines or the denomination of the coins.

If you get the five wilds on the same line, you receive 10,000 coins as a reward, which means up to $50,000.

The progressive jackpot is the same one in this case as is in every other Marvel slot machine. Four progressive jackpots are offered, from Ultimate Power, to Super Power, Extra Power and Power, the values being higher for the first ones. The prizes are given at random, so the symbols of the game have nothing to do with them. You gain access to the bonus game which has the four jackpots, and then you win one of them by matching three identical icons.


Design and symbols

It’s a darker design than you get from the other Spiderman slot machines. The action takes place at night, so you see the buildings with a lot of lights on them, the transparent reels being in front and having Spider-Man clinging to them on the right. The quality of the symbols is as good as you would expect when characters and objects are involved, all of them being of comic book quality. The playing cards are less interesting and it’s disappointing to see them in a game of such importance.


Symbols: Wild Logo (10,000x, wild), Comic Book (bonus), Green Goblin (1,000x), Redhead (300x), Skyscrapers (200x), Camera (150x), Daily Bugle (150x), Ace (100x), King (100x), Queen (75x), Jack (75x), 10 (50x) and 9 (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

Any fan of Spiderman should give this slot a chance, even at the expense of the other slots with a similar theme available out there. Playtech did a great job with it, both with its design and with the features.

Spider-Man, the Comic Book

Spider-Man was first introduced in Amazing Fantasy 15, a comic book which appeared in 1962. It is the creation of the famous Stan Lee and the main character is a human mutant, with abilities gained from the bite of a spider which escaped from a lab. He is one of the most famous superheroes from the Marvel universe and multiple movies were created based on his story.

This Spiderman slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.