Streak Of Luck Slots

Streak-of-LuckLuck is something that a lot of players believe in, so Playtech decided to make a slot machine based on it and actually give you special prizes if you demonstrate that luck is on your side. “Streak of Luck” rewards when you have multiple consecutive wins, giving you free spins and progressive jackpots when this happens. Since the theme is luck related, most of the symbols are connected to this topic one way or another.

Players that give Streak of Luck a chance will discover a game with 5 reels but with as many as 50 active lines on them. The bonus games, free spins, scatters and wilds are all present inside. You also have a progressive jackpot to go after and fixed prizes of up to $400.

Features of Streak Of Luck

Among the features of the game, you will get the Streak of Luck with its free spins and progressive jackpots, multipliers, wilds, scatters and bonus games.

Lucky Lady is first on our list, being the wild symbol and showing up both in non-stacked and stacked versions on the game’s reels. Depending on how your luck holds up, you could have an entire reel occupied by wilds thanks to her. The symbol creates its own combinations, which only offer 1,000x, but with the chance of having multiple winning combinations in the same round. You only need two wilds on a line, to get the smallest prize it has to offer. As a substitute, the Lucky Lady wild is going to substitute for most symbols, the two exceptions being the bonus and scatter symbols.

The four playing cards which spell LUCK will be visible in the scatter symbol which has prizes for you. With at least three, and a maximum of five symbols, you get paid between 3x and 50x the triggering bet value.

Dice Bonus

The pair of dice which have the word Bonus on them will trigger for you the slot’s only bonus game. This symbol is only present on three reels and you need it on all three (1, 3 and 5) in order to get the feature started. The prizes offered by this feature are doubled when it’s triggered during the free spins.


The game asks you to roll the lucky dice a total of three times. You get between 2x and 12x the bet each time you do this. You can also get a double, which will give you one additional roll of the dice. The maximum number of dice rolls is 6.

If you manage to get a Lucky 7 in two or three of the dice rolls, you get an extra pay. A Double 7 will bring you 20x the bet, while Triple 7s will offer you 200x the total bet.

Lucky Free Games

If you look at the right side of the screen, you will see a prize ladder with free games, with the last step being a progressive jackpot. This feature rewards lucky streaks by giving you access to free spins. You need four consecutive wins in order to reach the first step of the ladder, which gives you 5 free spins. With additional consecutive wins, you advance further on that ladder, going up to 60 free spins for the 9th win. If you have 10 wins one after the other, you get the progressive jackpot instead of the spins.


All free spins benefit from 2x multipliers and while they are running you will get between 0 and 2 random wilds to appear (or up to 3 random wilds for the option with 60 spins).

Betting options and jackpots

The game keeps the betting to a decent level, only allowing for up to $20 to be wagered each round, despite the use of 50 lines and just as many coins. These coins have top denominations of $0.40. You can’t change the number of active lines, but you can work on the denomination within the given range.


The progressive jackpot is the main prize here, winnable by getting 10 consecutive spins with winning combinations. The alternative is the 1,000x fixed prize, with a value of $400.

Design and symbols

The game’s design focuses on all things lucky, from clovers, to horse shoes, to lucky Chinese coins and ladybugs. They’re all designed well, with high quality images used for each symbol. The only ones that feel out of place are the playing cards, which are quite basic. A star filled sky is present in the background, the reels being on the left and the Free Games ladder on the right side.


Symbols: Lucky Girl (1,000 coins, wild), Dice (bonus), LUCK Cards (50x the bet, scatter), Ladybug (250 coins), Cat (250 coins), Gold Horseshoe (100 coins), Chinese Coin (100 coins), Acorn (75 coins), Clover (75 coins), Ace (60 coins), King (50 coins), Queen (40 coins), Jack (30 coins), 10 (25 coins) and 9 (25 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game rewards lucky players, winning streaks bringing free spins and even a progressive jackpot. If you’re feeling lucky, give it a try, it will pay more if that’s the case.

You will find Streak Of Luck at any online casino which chooses to use software from Playtech, playable either for free or for real money.