The Six Million Dollar Man Slots

The-Six-Million-Dollar-ManIn this game from Playtech, called The Six Million Dollar Man, you’re going to encounter the characters from a TV series that aired on ABC in the 70s. Having the same name as this slot machine, the TV series told the story of a bionic man, Steve Austin. He was an ex astronaut, which worked for a government organization called OSI, and whose role was played by Lee Majors between 1974 and 1978, so for five seasons. The slot is indeed based on the series, and has among its symbols even a couple that have pictures of some of the actors.

The game can be quite expensive, but only if you decide to max out its wagers and maybe to use the Bionic Spin as well. Either way, you will have 50 paylines on which to place bets, with prizes going up to $200,000. The features bring you stacked wilds, free spins and scatters.

Features of The Six Million Dollar Man

The game relies on a lot of stacked symbols, which might give you prizes on rarer occasions, but they will typical offer multiple payouts at the same time when they do trigger. The regular features consist of stacked wilds, scatter symbols and the Bionic free games.

We have Steve Austin, the Bionic Man, in the main role of the game. Appearing as a stacked wild, it pays very well and at the same time it substitutes for other symbols. As a stacked icon, it can take anywhere between 1 and 3 positions on a reel, so you should probably expect an average of two wilds visible on the reel when this symbol does show up. It definitely improves the odds of you getting a paying combo, plus it also has its own payouts to give away, as much as 4,000x being offered.

Bionic Free Games

The slot’s logo will be visible in only one symbol, the one which is also used as a scatter, a way for you to get paid without landing symbols in fixed positions. Having a minimum of two Logos will get you paid (1x to 100x bet), while at least three will give you the Bionic Free Games.


15 free games are offered if this feature triggers. As you play, you can collect bionic body parts, but you need to do it in a certain order, and it can only be one per spin. You need the foot first, followed by the hand, and then by the eye. Get all three, and the progress bar will reset, giving you 2 free spins and one wild, plus allowing you to start over with the collection of bionic parts.

The extra wild that you get is added to the stacked wilds. Up to five additional wilds can be added to the stacks this way, as the free spins are used.

Bionic Spin

The Bionic Spin makes the game a lot more fun to play and more profitable as well, but it’s also going to be more expensive. You pay an extra 50% with your bet when the Bionic Spin is used, and the game will offer you in exchange between 0 and 5 random wilds on the reels. Your odds of getting a combination going should be much improved.


Betting options and jackpots

A total of 50 paylines are present in the game. The slot gives you the option to bet up to $50 on each one, which should mean a total wager of up to $2,500. You can add an additional 50% to the total amount by using the Bionic Spin option.

With the Bionic Man’s help, the rewards go up to 4,000 coins, or $200,000. The scatter does even better, its 100x the bet payout bringing you 5,000 coins ($250,000).

Design and symbols

The design is clearly influenced by the look of the 70s TV series from which it borrowed its theme. It has a very clean look though, retro looking but not unpleasant to experience. The poker cards are made out of blue led lights, which look too much alike, so there isn’t much variety on the reels. The symbols show you a couple of the characters from the series, plus various images with bionic limbs or other related icons.


Symbols: Game Logo (scatter, 100x bet), Bionic Man (4,000 coins, wild), Oscar Goldman (500 coins), Eye (300 coins), Hand (300 coins), Foot (300 coins), Pulse (200 coins), 5 Logo (200 coins), Ace (150 coins), King (150 coins), Queen (125 coins), Jack (125 coins) and 10 (125 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

Despite the legacy of a 70s era TV show, the game manages to look quite good, even though it doesn’t totally give up on that kind of atmosphere that the original series would’ve offered. It also pays well and it has features and lots of stacked symbols, so hopefully you will find it as rewarding as I did.

The Six Million Dollar Man, TV Series

This series was centered around a Bionic Man, the title mentioning the amount which the implants and improvements were supposedly worth. ABC was the network that aired this series, starting from 1974 and going on until 1978, for a total of 5 seasons with 106 episodes in them. There were also 6 movies made for TV which were also part of the franchise. The hero of the series was called Steve Auston, an ex astronaut that was recruited to work for OSI, a government organization.

You will find The Six Million Dollar Man at any online casino which chooses to use software from Playtech, playable either for free or for real money.