Thor the Mighty Avenger Slots

Thor-the-Mighty-AvengerCreated with license from Marvel Comics, Thor the Mighty Avenger is a slot machine from Playtech. It’s themed around the Thor movies, so you will see images with the actors that played the main roles, instead of the drawings from the comic books. The slot is filled with interesting features and it has better than average graphics. The Mighty Avenger title might lead you to believe that the comic books were its main source of inspiration, but the 2011 film seems to be the one it focuses on, which you will find out when you look at its graphics.

30 paylines are going to be found on the 5 reels of this Thor themed game. There are about three types of free spins to experience, along with bonus games, respins, scatter symbols and stacked wilds, making for an exciting slot machine to try out. Rewards of up to $100,000 are offered by the game, even without getting the Marvel jackpots to contribute.

Features of Thor the Mighty Avenger

One of the strengths of this slot is the wealth of great features which are part of it. A complete list would name its wild symbols which come in stacked or in regular size, the respins, the free spins, the scatter symbols and the bonus games.

The most important symbol of the game would be either the Thor wild, or the Gatekeeper scatter. Both can trigger their own features and they offer similar prizes.

The wild Thor symbol can be present on all the reels of the game, so obviously it can award its own prizes as well, some as high as 5,000x the line wager. The fun part comes when the wild appears stacked and covers an entire reel. This can happen on the 2nd and the 4th reels only, and it will trigger another feature.

Thor’s Hammer is one of the scatter symbols which the game offers. It pays you up to 100 times the bet value when it’s present on the reels, and that cash prize is the only reason for its existence by the looks of it. You do need up to five of them present at the same time in order to get to that kind of prize.

The second scatter symbol has the Gatekeeper on it, and it’s going to pay accordingly, multiplying the total bet by up to 250x, instead of using the line bet like the other symbols do. This is a symbol which can cover the entire 3rd reel when it appears there, and if that happens you get one of two features, free spins or a bonus game.

Thunderstorm Respin

Whenever the Thor stacked wild occupies the 2nd reel in the main game, the result will be the Thunderstorm Respin. The 2nd reel gets covered entirely by wilds, while the other four reels will respin once for free.


Lightning Free Spin

Once again, the Thor stacked wild triggers the feature, but it has to take over the 4th reel for this to happen. You get one free spin from it, with 2 to 5 wild symbols placed randomly on the reels for that round.


Rainbow Bridge Feature

This is the other major feature of the game, triggered by the presence of the expanded Gatekeeper on the 3rd reel. If it appears there, a feature is triggered where you pick one of two orbs placed at his sides. You find out what your next destination will be that way.


One option would be the Asgard bridge, which will take you to the Earth free spins, or to the Jotunheim free spins. The other would be the Earth bridge, which can take you to the base game or to one of the two types of free spins.

Jotunheim Free Games

You don’t get a fixed number of free spins here. Instead, you can continue to spin the reels for free until you get the Gatekeeper symbol on the 3rd reel. This takes you to the Rainbow Bridge, where based on your luck you can go to the free spins again, or you can end the feature.


You get wild symbols along the way, both regular and stacked versions. The 3rd reel gets only two types of symbols, wild Thor icons and Gatekeepers. An extra wild is also present on the reels.

Earth Free Games

The Earth free games are also played until you get a Gatekeeper covering the 3rd reel completely. That 3rd reel has only two types of symbols, the Gatekeeper and the Thor wild. If you do get the Gatekeeper to cover the reel, the feature takes you to the Rainbow Bridge, and you can either get back into the free spins, or you can end the bonus feature.


The Earth Free Games come with extra symbols for the 5th reel. It starts a feature when it appears once, where fire is blown toward 2 to 6 random symbols, from reels 1 to 4, which will be on fire for the next 1 to 4 spins. Those symbol positions will multiply prizes by 2x to 16x when their symbols are part of combinations.

Betting options and jackpots

If you want to place your bets, the only thing to worry about would be the line bet, which you can take up to $20. The number of lines is always 30, so you just multiply that number with the coin value and you get your wager, whose range is $0.30 to $600.

Should you get the top payout, which offers 5,000 coins back, you will have up to $100,000 cash from this game. The usual four progressive jackpots from Marvel are also offered, and they trigger at random.

Design and symbols

The designers from Playtech did a decent job in this game. While there are poker cards as well, they are at least made out of gold and decorated with Viking motifs, plus you have all those images with the actors from the movie as well. You see Asgard in the background, the city of the gods looking the part.


Symbols: Thor (wild, 5,000 coins), Gatekeeper (250x the bet, scatter), Odin (1,000 coins), Loki (500 coins), Female Warrior (150 coins), Warriors Three (150 coins), Ace (100 coins), King (100 coins), Queen (50 coins), Jack (50 coins) and 10 (50 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s one of the better slot machines to come out of Playtech that also has a theme taken from Marvel Comics. It has a lot of features to offer, something I’m always a fan of, and the design is quite good as well, though not the best one I’ve ever seen.

Thor, The Movies

The series of movies inspired by Thor started with the 2011 title which Marvel Studios created, while Paramount Pictures distributed. The story is that of Thor, Asgard’s prince, which ends up being exiled to Earth. He tries to stop Loki, his brother, which wants to become king in Asgard. The movie brought over $449 million worldwide with that first title. The second one appeared in 2013, while the third film of the series was scheduled for 2017.

Thor the Mighty Avenger can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.