Thrill Seekers Slots

Thrill-SeekersThrill Seekers seems to be designed with the adrenaline junkie in mind, but not the kind that jumps out of an airplane or surfs, instead giving us a design based on the theme park rides. It’s understandable, as the main characters in this slot are kids and they seem to be having a great time riding the roller coaster or enjoying any of the other great rides. The developer of this slot machine is called Playtech.

A game that seems designed to remind you of your childhood, Thrill Seekers has 5 reels & 50 bet lines, colorful graphics and features that give you bonus games, free spins, multipliers, a scatter symbol and the wild. The progressive jackpot is one possible attraction, offered through the Dollar Ball game, while its own prizes reach $100,000.

Features of Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers relies on a few standard features to keep you occupied and happy, also adding some themed bonus games into the mix. The Hammer bonus game is accompanied by a wild symbol and a scatter that gets to trigger the free spins.

One of the few truly scary things in a theme park is used as the wild symbol’s image. I’m talking about the image of a clown of course, holding a few colored balloons and smiling at you. The wild and its substitution ability allows it to count as any other symbol, if its position on the payline is the right one and if there are already matching symbols on it. The wild is going to give away its own prizes as well, reaching up to 10,000x, though for that to happen you need all five positions of a combo to be occupied by it.


Next on the list of features would be the scatter symbol, with the Attraction Ticket shown on it. This symbol manages to pay some interesting prizes, up to 200x the value of the triggering bet, but for that to happen you need up to five scatters in random positions. The scatter ability allows the symbol to give you things like prizes or free spins simply by being present in multiple locations at the same time, without any need for combinations to be formed.

Free Games Feature

The same 3+ scatter symbols give you free spins as well, not just cash prizes. You have 10 spins for free from it, plus a x2 multiplier doubling all the payouts. You can retrigger this feature, provided that the same 3+ scatter symbols make an appearance again.


Super Hammer Bonus

The bonus game has its own symbol that can trigger it. It’s the one with the Hammer and the word Bonus, a symbol that can only trigger the bonus game when a regular combination is formed. 3+ Bonus symbols have to participate in this bonus feature, to get the bonus game started. The prize you win depends on the strength of your hammer strike. You simply click on the Hit button to get the feature started.


Betting options and jackpots

You get a total of 50 bet lines in Thrill Seekers, each one accepting wagers of up to $10. The line bets use 1 to 10 coins, with denominations going up to $1. The total bet can use up to 500 coins, with the value at $500.

You can get back up to 10,000 times what the line wager was, which should mean up to 100,000 coins/$100,000 for the players that wagered big enough. A progressive jackpot is also available, but it requires an extra dollar to be invested each round, as it is part of the Dollar Ball.

Design and symbols

The theme of Thrill Seekers is based on the old theme park idea, while the actual design is cartoon like and has a few too many details in one place. The various rides of the theme park are shown in the background and in the symbols, while on the reels you get images of foods and drinks as well. The design style is an older one, not that attractive, but the slot should still be enjoyable if you have a soft spot for theme parks and their rides.

Symbols: Clown Wild (wild, 10,000x), Hammer (bonus), Attraction Ticket (scatter, 200x the round wager), Roller Coaster Riders (500x), Scary Ride (400x), Boat Swing (200x), Popcorn (150x), Cotton Candy (125x), Ice Cream (100x), Soda (75x) and Candy Canes (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I didn’t find the slot’s design to be terribly attractive, but it managed to convey the message pretty well. Thanks to its features (especially the Hammer Bonus), you are reminded about what a theme park could be like, which for a lot of people would be a pleasant memory. It pays well enough as well, so there are enough reasons to give it a go.

The Thrill Seekers slot machine is offered through the Playtech platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.