Triple Profits Slots

Triple-ProfitsTriple Profits is a game that looks like a classic, but it’s more of a hybrid between a modern game and an older one. With 9 reels arranged in a 3×3 layout, each reel with a single symbol showing on it, the game uses some special features to make the action interesting and it is themed around the idea of money. There are bags of cash and banknotes everywhere, with the symbols also being related to the idea of profit. The actual design doesn’t look great, but it will do and it’s above what a classic slot would usually offer anyway.

Quite the unusual slot, Triple Profits offers no less than 9 reels to host only 3 paylines. As its biggest features you will discover the Hold option and a wild symbol, with the prizes reaching up to $25,000.

Features of Triple Profits

There are only two big features in Triple Profits, but both contribute to the game and they make it a little bit more special. One of them is the Hold option, the other is the wild symbol.

The Hold option is often used in 9 reel games, sometimes being the reason why so many reels are used in this configuration. The Hold button, which is placed underneath each of the three columns of reels, allows you to stop one to three symbols, replicating them in the above reels during the spin that follows.

For example, if you have a wild symbol in two of the three bottom reels during the initial round, using Hold on them will keep them in place and will also populate the reels above them with the same wilds. The third reel, which wasn’t held, will spin independently of the two reels that are in the same column as it is, but they will still form combinations since the other two reels on the payline will have wilds on them. In a scenario like this, you would get three paying combinations on three paylines.

The wild symbol is the other feature found inside, a fairly typical one that can give you the top jackpot and it can also help with formation of other combinations.

Betting options and jackpots

As you get only 3 lines, the game allows for multiple coins for each one, in order to get the bet up to $75. You can wager up to 5 coins of $5 per line, but you’re not obligated to select all the coins or all the lines, just like you can reduce the coin denomination to just $0.01.

A 1,000x jackpot is offered to the luckiest player, meaning up to $25,000 cash. With up to 3 jackpots possible at the same time (the Hold option helping by keeping the three wilds on the screen in all positions), you could take home up to $75,000.

Design and symbols

The 3×3 reels make the game look a bit awkward, but the actual symbols you’re using along the way are well made and they do contribute to the game. Triple-Profits-paytableThe green that we often associate with dollar bills is in the background image, along with multiple floating banknotes with the dollar sign on them. The entire game uses this combination of green and gold that seems quite appropriate for a title like Triple Profits.


Symbols: Gold Bars (wild, 1,000x), Stack of Money (scatter), Red Dollar Logo (100x), Green Dollar Logo (75x), Blue Dollar Logo (50x), Red Money Bag (50x), Green Money Bag (35x), Blue Money Bag (20x), Safe (15x), Calculator (10x) and Scale (5x).


Is It Worth Playing?

An unusual game like this one could be a great way to spend some time, and with up to three jackpots that can be won in a single spin, I’d say it deserves at least a look.

Triple Profits can be found at any Playtech casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.