Tropic Reels Slots

Tropic-ReelsTropic Reels is a multi-spin slot machine from Playtech, a very special game that has no less than 15 reels to offer you, while using a much more limited number of paylines on them. The 5×3 layout in use here uses the Hold option to populate the reels above if there are symbols you want to keep, something that is often possible in games like this one, with 9 to 15 reels in them. The theme is tropical and uses a mix of jungle birds and ancient statues in it.

This is one of the few games that can say that it offers 15 reels, and despite that large number it only has 5 paylines. A Multi-Spin slot machine, Tropic Reels has a wild symbol and a Hold feature, offering a jackpot of up to $62,500.

Features of Tropic Reels

The only two features you get in Tropic Reels are the Hold option and the usual wild symbol.

Using the Hold button is a huge part of what this slot is about, so you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t know what it does. The game starts with the bottom three reels spinning and giving you three symbols. You can choose to Hold the symbols that are matching or the ones which include a wild, and then you hit Spin again. The symbols from the bottom reels which were held will also appear on the reels that are above them. You basically get to place the same symbol in all five paylines, not just the first one. If the reels that weren’t held spin with some useful symbols, combinations can be formed. If you held the correct symbols, you got a better chance to form a combo or maybe a better payout out of it.

As for the wild symbol, it’s your typical feature that can take the place of another, so it’s great when you want to form a combination and you don’t have all the symbols in place. Ideally though, you want all the paylines to have only wild symbols on them, since they award the top jackpot when they form a combo of three. Since the Hold option allows you to replicate the bottom symbols on all the paylines, you can get five times the top jackpot from a single round.

Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 5 lines available in Tropic Reels will accept bets in the $0.01 to $25 range, with the maximum possible for all of them combined being at $125. The line bet uses coins of up to $5 and up to 5 of them can be selected in each case.

A 2,500x top jackpot is available, which should result in payouts of up to $62,500, or 12,500 coins. Since the Hold option increases the odds of getting the top jackpot multiple times, in theory you could take home up to five times that amount from a single spin.

Design and symbols

The game is attractive and that’s a huge plus in its favor, the tropical theme being well handled, despite the symbols being a bit on the old side. A veritable cornucopia of tropical fruits is visible in the background, with various birds of the jungle and with ancient statues also being present. There is a lot of color in each of the symbols and in the background image, quite fitting for a game such as this.


Symbols: Tiger (wild, 2,500x), Red Parrot (200x), Gold Parrot (150x), Blue Parrot (100x), Lemon (75x), Lime (50x), Orange (25x), Red Frog (50x), Green Frog (40x), Purple Frog (30x), Red Flower (25x), Gold Flower (15x), Blue Flower (10x) and Pineapple (10x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Playtech has a few of these slots with an above average number of reels, so you can pick the one that has a theme you enjoy. This one pays well and it has up to 5 paylines, the features being the same as in the others.

This Tropic Reels slot is offered by all online casinos with Playtech software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.