Ugga Bugga Slots

Ugga-BuggaUgga Bugga is one of many jungle themed slot machines, but it’s the only one I know that offers 30 reels. It’s an impressive game because of that alone, but you can add the Hold feature as well to the list and get a title that should definitely be on your must play list. It’s not going to impress you with its design, but the really good part is not that anyway. It has other things that will make you want to keep coming, especially since the Hold option has a bit of a strategy component to it as well, it’s not just about luck.

Ugga Buga might have only 10 paylines, but it uses 30 different reels to host them all. The reason is its multi-spin feature, along with the use of the Hold option and a wild symbol, all of them together managing to make this a game that is quite special. As for its prizes, the most you can get from a combo is $5,000.

Features of Ugga Bugga

The game’s main feature would be the Hold option, but the wild is also important in it and chances are that you’re going to enjoy them both.

First, we have the Hold, the main feature of the game and the one that makes it what it is. The 30 reels are arranged on 10 paylines, with 3 reels used for each one. The 1st payline is shown first, with three buttons marked Hold appearing underneath. You can choose to keep the symbols you like (the wild for example), and those symbols will be replicated on all the other paylines. For example, if the wild symbol is in the 2nd position of the first payline and you Hold it, during the next stage all 10 paylines will have the wild in that same exact position. The columns of reels that are not held will spin and reveal their symbols, but you can influence the outcome somewhat with the help of this feature.

The wild is also important, as its substitution powers can be replicated across all 10 paylines with the help of the Hold feature. It both takes the place of other symbols and it is capable of giving away the biggest prize of the slot.

Betting options and jackpots

With 10 bet lines that you can activate, Ugga Bugga allows you to also select multiple coins in each case, between 1 and 5 being used for the line wager. The second option you have is to change the denomination, which will vary between $0.01 and $1 for each coin. If you add it all up, you get line bets of up to $5 and totals of up to $50.

The prizes don’t get that big, the reason being the chance that you get up to 10 top jackpots at the same time. The Hold option will allow for something like that to happen, but the individual top prizes will only reach $5,000 (1,000x).

Design and symbols

The jungle theme uses a lot of tribal images, so it’s not as much about the animals of the jungle, as it is about the people that inhabit it. From drums, to African masks or warrior equipment, the symbols are all themed, without a single one that doesn’t deserve to be there.

Symbols: Gold Idol (wild, 1,000x), Black Mask (125x), Red Mask (100x), Gold Mask (75x), Black Drum (50x), Red Drum (35x), Gold Drum (20x), Wood Hut (30x), Grass Hut (20x), Stone Hut (10x), Carrots (15x), Soup (10x), Melon (5x) and Tribal Man (5x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Ugga Bugga is a special slot machine, its 30 reels making sure of that, but the Hold option also doing quite a bit for it and making it an attractive option. The prizes are disappointing, but you do get the option to win up to 10 jackpots in a single round, so it’s understandable.

You will find Ugga Bugga at any online casino which chooses to use software from Playtech, playable either for free or for real money.