A Switch In Time Slots

A-Switch-In-TimeA Switch In Time is a time traveling themed machine, with action inside that can even take you across various eras, by using the bonus game to transport you. The 19th century style design seems to be inspired by the original Time Machine novel, written by H.G. Wells. You’ve probably read the book, seen a movie or found out about it in one way or another, as this theme has been quite popular lately.

All the action in this game takes place on 5 reels, with graphics changing from time to time, but things like the 20 available paylines always remaining the same. The three modes available are part of the game, but so is the wild symbol, the free games with multipliers, or the Time Machine bonus that gets you from one mode to another. The slot’s best prize is worth $16,972.

Features of A Switch In Time

By far, my favorite feature in this game is the time traveling bonus game, but if you’re looking at the most profitable options you should definitely look at the free spins, with their huge multipliers. The wild symbol is also important and has multipliers of its own.

The Hourglass wild symbol is capable of awarding some very good prizes, but its most well known role is that of the substitute, the symbol that can take another role when combined with other types of matching symbols. The top prize awarded here is at 6789 coins, an unusual amount to work with, requiring the five Hourglass wilds to take over a payline completely. If there is a winning combo formed with the help of an Hourglass wild, the prize will be worth twice as much as normal, a x2 multiplier taking care of that part.

During Past mode, the wild symbol uses the Fire image. In Future Mode, it changes to Antimatter.

Free Games Feature

The Lady symbol is my favorite of the game, if we’re looking only at what’s profitable. The reason is that the free spins it offers have some very impressive multipliers attached. On top of that, the wild can expand during free spins and it has a x3 multiplier, instead of the usual x2.

Get three of these scattered Lady symbols, and you win 12 spins for free and an x3 multiplier for their prizes. With four Lady symbols, the reward is 45 free spins and x6 multipliers. But wait, there’s more. With all five scatter symbols present at the same time, you get a huge number of free spins, 78 of them, plus a great multiplier, which is at x9. That’s right, besides offering a lot of free spins, the prizes offered inside are going to be worth 9 times more than usual. I’m not even taking into account the x3 multiplier of the expanding wild here.

Bonus Game

The Time Machine symbol is also important, triggering a bonus feature where you can travel through the ages, getting even to the times of the dinosaurs. The requirement is for 3+ Time Machines to be present, which will be enough to get this feature.


With this feature, you get a new set of reels and different symbols. You can either get the future, with cavemen and dinosaurs, or you can get the futuristic set of reels, with space ships and space cities.


Betting options and jackpots

The game allows for maximum bets of $50 per spin, using up to $2.50 per line, with 10 coins of $0.25 being part of it. The use of smaller line bets is possible of course, with fewer coins and smaller denominations being used to achieve that.

The rewards you get here are somewhat unusual, mostly because they’re not rounded up as in other slots. You get 6,789x from the slot’s top jackpot, which means up to $67,890 coins. With $0.25 coins used, it means $16,972. The multipliers of the free spins can do wonders for it.

Design and symbols

I’ve enjoyed playing this slot machine, no matter in what time period the reels we’re in. There are three types of designs you get here, including the present (19th century Victorian style), the past (with cavemen, stone tools and dinosaurs) and the future (space ships, space bases, etc). In each case you get high quality graphics, with nice symbols and all of them are themed. The Time Machine symbol is common to all these modes you can be in.

Symbols: Hourglass (wild, 6,789x), Time Travel Machine (bonus), Woman (scatter), Inventor (1,895x), Clock (400x), Pocket Watch (300x), Magnifying Eyeglasses (200x), Blueprints (150x), Horseless Carriage (125x), Oil Lamp (100x), Brandy (65x) and Tools (65x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a fascinating game, with different modes and time periods influencing its design and gameplay. You’re going to have a lot of fun playing it, even though its prizes might seem somewhat disappointing at first. The free spins and the big multipliers they have can influence those prizes considerably.

This A Switch In Time slot is offered by all online casinos with Rival software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.