All Aboard Slots

All-AboardAll Aboard has one of the more interesting themes I’ve seen so far, not because a lot of people will find it cool, but because nobody else has thought about covering this part of the market before. To make this shorter, it’s a slot machine from Rival Gaming that gets as a theme the world of trains. The symbols makes them look like they’re toy trains, the kind that people put a lot of time into, building out the routes and the beautiful trains that go through them. If you have this particular hobby in your blood, I’d say try the game. Even if you’re not a fan yet, you might just be after you check out the trains and the action in this game.

In All Aboard you get up to 20 paylines and there are 5 reels for them to form on. The symbols include among them wild symbols, bonus and scatters, with the result being bonus games, free spins and multipliers. A $8,000 jackpot might not be that impressive, but the game is still worth a shot.

Features of All Aboard

As features, the game doesn’t stand out that much, but it still manages to put forward a bonus game, a free spins feature that has multipliers, a scatter symbol and an expanding wild. All things considered, not a bad collection of features.

The Locomotive was chosen for the role of the expanding wild, a feature that you don’t see that often in slots. Most of them use simple wilds, which occupy a single position on a reel and from there they substitute for symbols that are on the same line as they are. The expanding wild has an advantage here, as it covers the entire reel it is on, so it is part of all the paylines of the game. You still need enough matching symbols to get to the reel where the wild is present, or to get to the minimum number of three symbols, but half the job is done already. While the multiplier is another great bonus you have here, doubling all prizes, the wild does have a downside as well. You simply don’t get it as often as you might like, as it is limited to the first two reels.

Bonus Game

A simple Bell symbol is the representative of a bonus icon that is capable of getting you a bonus game. It’s a typical requirement to get it started, 3+ symbols being needed to achieve it.


You are taken to a screen with 9 box cars on it. You keep making picks and getting prizes, up to the point where you find one that has nothing inside. You’re not guaranteed a win, you can walk away with nothing if you’re unlucky, but it’s still an extra chance to make some money.

Casey Jones Free Spins

Casey Jones is the name of the train’s conductor. Being that he has his own feature named after him, I gather that he’s quite the important fellow. Appearing as a scatter symbol, Casey Jones is going to trigger the free spins no matter where he is on the reels, as long there are enough symbols of this type.

The presence of a minimum of three scatter symbols will get you 10 spins for free, with x2 multipliers doubling their prizes. With four scatter symbols, you get twice that, so 20 free spins, while multipliers are at x3. The maximum of 40 free spins are obtained with the help of five Casey Jones scattered on the reels, all rounds having a x4 multiplier.

Betting options and jackpots

While placing a bet in this game you select as many lines as you want to cover, but keep in mind that in order to get a big prize out of it you need to bet as big as possible on each one. The more lines you have active, the bigger the total bet (up to $50). The line bets will reach $2.50, by using up to 10 coins of $0.25 each one. The smallest denomination is worth only $0.01 and you also have the option of selecting fewer coins.

Normally, the most you can walk away with is about $4,000 (1,600x or 16,000 coins). The wild symbol can double that, so the jackpot is at about $8,000 instead.

Design and symbols

While the design of All Aboard is not going to win any prizes, it’s cute in its own way and for the kind of geeky theme it focuses on here it looks like a perfect fit. I for one enjoyed playing the game and the design was a big part of it. There are no symbols here that don’t belong, they’re all themed, and characters like the conductor with round eyeglasses, a bowtie and a moustache make it even more charming.

Symbols: Locomotive (wild), Casey Jones (scatter), Train Bell (scatter), Railroad Spike (1,600x), Train Conductor (480x), Caboose (360x), Rail Car (320x), Rail Cart (240x), Water Tower (160x), Lantern (120x), Steam Whistle (80x) and Railroad Crossing Sign (60x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game might not give you a great first impression, and it might not award a big prize, but the theme is a great motive to give it a chance, especially if you’re into trains. It’s about the only one that covers them and it does a good job at it.

This All Aboard slot is offered by all online casinos with Rival software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.