Astral Luck Slots

Astral-LuckAstral Luck might be about luck for some, but all I see is a Zodiac themed slot machine. Designed by Rival Gaming, Astral Luck takes all twelve signs of the zodiac and places them on your screen. It seems to be a slot designed with the astrology fan in mind, as the symbols don’t show you a Libra or Leo regular symbol, which everyone can recognize, instead displaying the constellations and the original shapes of the signs on top of them. It makes for a rather confusing game, as the symbols will look like hieroglyphs to a beginner.

It might have the standard 5 reels, but Astral Luck is far from average when it comes to how many paylines it has for you. No less than 50 active paylines can be used during each spin, giving you a chance to get features like wild symbols, free spins and scatters. You also get 50 chances each time to get the $18,750 top jackpot, though you do have to pay for the privilege.

Features of Astral Luck

Besides the bonus game, Astral Luck also puts in front of you, from time to time, symbols like the expanding wild or a scatter symbol. Free spins are the icing on the cake, especially since they have multipliers.

The Expanding Wild gets the Aquarius sign, with two zig zag lines one on top of the other. When the Aquarius sign appears, on reels 1, 3 and 5, it will expand and the entire reel will be covered by it. It only does this if it can assist with a new combination being formed, otherwise it will remain in its original form. I’d say it makes up for the fact that it can only appear on three reels out of five.

Free Games Feature

Capricorn was selected for another big role, which is that of the trigger for the free spins. With 3+ scattered Capricorn symbols on any of the five reels, a round with free spins is given. Depending on how many of these symbols you have, you get 5 to 20 spins for free, plus a x3 multiplier.

Astral Rings Bonus Game

The Pisces symbol is the third and final feature trigger of the game. Appearing as a scatter, in any random position, Pisces triggers the bonus game with 3+ symbols. In this bonus game you are presented with a Wheel of Fortune of sorts, called the Astral Rings. You win coins at each spin, the amount depending on the symbols which stop at the top of the rings.


Betting options and jackpots

There are a lot of games out there that have 50 lines, but usually they’re a lot more expensive to play than this one. In this case, the lines accept a maximum of $2.50 each one, using up to 10 coins of $0.25. The minimum line bet uses a single coin, the denomination being at $0.01. At the highest level, with all 50 lines getting a top wager, you can spend $125 for a spin.

You can walk away with a prize that is 7,500 times more valuable than the individual line bet that you used. It means up to 75,000 coins, with the total value going as high as $18,750. X3 multipliers are used during the free spins, so there is the potential for more than that.

Design and symbols

It’s a pretty good looking slot, almost science fiction in the way it looks, with the universe shown behind the transparent reels, with a red planet a bit closer to them and with multiple constellations in the distance. The symbols on the five reels of Astral Luck seem to hang on in mid-air, with round lines placed around the entire area, making it look like it’s a scene shown from the cockpit of a space ship.

Symbols: Sagittarius (7,500x), Aquarius (wild), Pisces (bonus), Capricorn (scatter), Scorpio (1,000x), Libra (750x), Virgo (300x), Leo (200), Cancer (150x), Gemini (100x), Taurus (75x) and Aries (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You have quite a few chances to win a prize each round, you get all the right features and a very good design. All in all, it’s a game you should pursue, as long as you keep in mind that the high number of chances to win will come with smaller prizes generally.

The Astral Luck slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.