Atomic Age Slots

Atomic-AgeAtomic Age was created by Rival Gaming and it’s one of the best slots you could play right now if you have a certain preference for the Mad Men era and its style of design. The 50s style is the main attraction of the game, showing us how people lived in that time when the nuclear power was still in its infancy. The fact that they used the same drawing style as magazines from that era would have adds to the charm of the slot and makes it a great choice.

Atomic Age will present you with 15 paylines, a rather average choice for a 5 reel game. The mix of bonus games, wilds and scatter symbols are quite normal for a game like this, which will award a top payout of $37,500.

Features of Atomic Age

Two different bonus games, scatter symbols and wilds make up the full list of features offered by Atomic Age. All in all, not a bad game, but it’s not exactly impossible to resist either.

The wild symbol is one of those features you expect to see in a modern game, so it’s hardly surprising that it is present and that it is the one that gives away the top jackpot of the game. However, it’s always great to see it used, as in the long run it gives you one extra chance to walk away with a profit. Whenever the wild symbol is on an active line and there are a few matching symbols on it already, it will take the same role as those symbols, if that will get the player a new winning combo, or at least improve an existing one. The image of the wild is based on the famous Roswell incident from the 50s, so it uses a flying saucer.

The two scatter symbols, the Cash Register and the Pink Convertible Car, will both award cash prizes when symbols of the same kind are present in random positions. With three to five scatter symbols, the rewards vary between 1x and 50x the wager of that last round. Each one also triggers a bonus game.

Cash Register Bonus

Get 3+ Cash Register scatter symbols to appear, and the result will be a bonus feature where you have to pick four items placed on a shelf. You try to guess the cost of those four items and pick them in a way that will add up to $1.50 total. The amount you win is based on how close you get to that number with the items you choose.

Drive In Bonus

Once again, you need 3+ scatter symbols to trigger this bonus game. The Pink Convertible is the symbol that gets the role in this case. You have a few different picks to make here, starting with the character that represents you, then the date for him and finally the movie that you think she will enjoy most. The prize is awarded once you’ve made these choices.


Betting options and jackpots

You are allowed to select up to 5 coins to be used for each active line, so the bet will reach up to 75 coins at its highest. The denomination of the coins being up to $1, the total value can’t go over $75. The individual lines get a maximum of 5 coins, which will range between $0.01 and $1.

The wild symbol is the one that gets the honor of awarding the biggest prize, 7,500x the line bet, or up to 37,500 coins. It means anywhere between $375 and $37,500 cash.

Design and symbols

As I’ve mentioned before, this might be a 50s era design, but it looks great. If you’re into vintage looking stuff, you will love how Atomic Age looks like. Whether you’ve watched Mad Men on TV, or played a video game like Fallout, chances are that one way or another you’ve seen this kind of design before. The objects are all from that time, including activities, foods and discoveries that were part of that decade.

Symbols: UFO (wild, 7,500x), Cash Register (scatter, 50x the bet), Drive-In (scatter, 50x the bet), Atomic Energy Sign (500x), Rocket (500x), Satellite (250x), TV Set (200x), Record Player (200x), Soda Bottle (80x), Ice Cream (65x) and Cake (65x).


Is It Worth Playing?

While you’re not going to be terribly impressed with the top jackpot, you might just be with its retro looking graphics or with the features it provides you. Even the top prize is above average if you compare it with the usual slot from Rival.

The Atomic Age slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.