Beretta’s Vendetta Slots

Beretta's-VendettaBeretta’s Vendetta is a game about a detective that tries to catch a bank robber called Mr. Dynamite. The name of the detective is Beretta. Rival Gaming tells in this game a story where a successful bank robber has been eluding capture for a very long time, and this is the detective’s chance to finally catch him. It’s a beautiful 3D slot that Rival offers here, and its graphics together with its many features should provide you with all the entertainment you need.

20 bet lines are used by Beretta’s Vendetta, a 5 reel title. There are plenty of cool features to go through, including expanding wilds, a couple of scatter symbols, bonus games and free spins. As for the top prize, you can expect to get from it up to $56,250.

Features of Beretta’s Vendetta

The list of features in this game is quite good, starting with the wild and continuing with a couple of bonus and scatter symbols, which can even get the free spins started.

An expanding wild is used by the game, but despite the advantages that such a feature could bring you, the developers also included some limitations in it. It’s only going to be present on one of the five reels, the 3rd one. When it appears there, you can expect the wild to take over the entire reel, but only if by doing this it brings you a new winning combination. Wilds can’t substitute for the three bonus and scatter symbols.

The SWAT Team scatter symbol is useful for one thing, to award prizes to players that get it a minimum of three times on the reels. You can get paid between the minimum of 1x and the maximum of 40x the total bet value.

Free Games Feature

Mr. Dynamite is another symbol you can get in this game, and which acts as a trigger for free spins. These symbols are needed on an active line, with 3 to 5 of them present on it. The reward will be 6, 12 or 18 spins for free, for 3, 4 or 5 Mr. Dynamite symbols, respectively.

Beretta’s SWAT Team Bonus

This particular bonus game gets its own scatter symbol to trigger it. It’s an image of a SWAT truck that is found on it, and I should mention that it’s the black one, since a white truck is also part of the regular symbols. To activate the feature, the requirement is for three such symbols to appear at the same time, on an active line.


The bonus game asks you to pick as many banks from the seven found in the city, as you had triggering symbols. You get paid each time a bomb is disarmed, so hopefully you get as many as possible, without having any banks explode on you.

Betting options and jackpots

The game gives you 20 lines to work with, and allows you to select up to 5 coins in each case, for a total of 100 coins. The bets go up to $5 for one coin, so the line bet has $25 or less in it. The total for all the lines is at $500 at most.

If you get the big prize, it means that you landed five symbols with the Vault on the same line. The game offers a multiple of the line bet of 2,250x, which would mean up to $56,250 cash in this case.

Design and symbols

The game’s design is one that you will enjoy, being a 3D slot with gorgeous graphics, only themed symbols and a look that feels just right in the fight between the police and a bank robber. The reels are placed against a bank’s building, and you see the shot up police cars in the front, used as support for the betting options by the game. The symbols show you both sides of the fight, plus the various weapons, explosives and various other tools used by the SWAT team.


Symbols: Helicopter (wild), SWAT Car (bonus), SWAT Team (scatter, 40x bet), Mr. Dynamite (bonus), Vault Door (2,250x), Walkie Talkie (500x), Armored Car (125x), Beretta (90x), Bomb (75x) and Guns and Plans (40x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The game is a very good offer, designed by Rival Gaming and managing to be very appealing thanks to the work done on it by its graphic artists. It has a couple of very good features as well.

This Beretta’s Vendetta slot is offered by all online casinos with Rival software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.