Best Of Luck Slots

Best-Of-LuckBest of Luck is a Rival Gaming title which is all about the luck and the various items that people consider to be helping out in that regard. From the rabbit’s foot, to four leaf clovers, horseshoes or ladybugs, you get only symbols that are lucky in one culture or another, so you might see some that you wouldn’t consider to be in that category. If you find that sort of theme appealing, this game is for you. You’re going to discover that it has a pleasant design and that its features can at least match what other slots are offering.

Should luck be on your side, you can win up to $25,000 in this game and the winning combo will appear on one of the 20 paylines that are available. The game has 5 reels total, with up to 15 symbols present on them at any one time. Among them, some will have abilities of wild or scatters, capable of triggering free spins and multipliers.

Features of Best Of Luck

The wild symbol and its huge prize make out about half of the feature list, while the scatter symbol with free spins and multipliers make up the other half.

The wild doesn’t give you much, just what you would expect from it. Its substitution abilities will be very useful from time to time, bringing along additional prizes, and it even has its own to offer. The top jackpot’s 10,000x value requires the presence of five Lucky Cat wilds on an active bet line, with as little as two symbols being enough to trigger some sort of prize.

Free Games Feature

The better looking feature is definitely the one with free spins. A scatter symbol gets it triggered, the image used for it being that of a bag of gems. Depending on how many scattered symbols there are, you get either 4, 5 or 6 free spins.

With each free spin, you also get a bonus round. If you manage to get three bonus rounds that are identical during the free spins you have, you are awarded an additional 3 spins for free. Another advantage of the free spins is that you can double or triple your winnings in them.


Betting options and jackpots

Despite being a 20 line game, you don’t spend a lot of money playing this slot. You can wager up to $2.50 per bet line, with $50 being the highest bet available. Line bets are composed of 1 to 10 coins and their denomination goes from $0.01 to $0.25.

A 10,000x jackpot is offered by the game, a lucky enough prize, one which can have a maximum value of $25,000. If the free spins get involved, multipliers of up to x3 can triple that jackpot value.

Design and symbols

The action in Best of Luck takes place in some sort of closet area, with shelves, paintings and boxes all being thrown in there. The symbols hover in mid air, in front of the mess that is in the background. All these symbols are lucky things, at least they are so for some cultures out there. The jade elephant seems to have an Asian influence, while the four leaf clover is mostly a Western thing. The quality of the design is good enough, especially when you look at the details that went into each symbol.

Symbols: Lucky Cat (wild, 10,000x), Bag of Gems (scatter), Green Necklace (7,500x), Jade Elephant (2,500x), Ladybug (700x), Horseshoe (450x), Keys (275x), Penny (175x), Rabbit Foot (100x), Clover (65x), Wishbone (40x) and Acorn (25x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re a big believer in the role of luck, a game like this will offer you a lot of lucky things among its symbols, and maybe one of them will be of some help with that top jackpot. It’s an enjoyable game, which is what you want in the end, besides that big prize.

Best Of Luck can be found at any Rival casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.