Bowled Over Slots

Bowled-OverBowled Over is a Rival Gaming slot machine, with a theme that while it isn’t used that often in slot machines, is quite popular out there in the real world. You might’ve guessed already, it’s a theme that is based around the game of bowling, a favorite past time for a huge number of people. The game of bowling is covered here in a game that has rather average graphics, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this slot machine.

You will get 5 reels with 20 lines from this game, along with its expanding wilds, free spins, multipliers and scatter symbols, all good reasons to try it out. Along with the theme that might interest you, the game also tries to give you a good reason to try it out in the form of the $7,500 jackpot.

Features of Bowled Over

Among the features offered by Bowled Over you will discover things like expanding wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds and scatter symbols that give you free spins.

The Bowling Pins manage to be among the most important of the game, being a symbol that has the role of the expanding wild. In case you don’t know, a wild symbol has the power to substitute for another symbol, aiming to help with the formation of a new combination. The wild still has to be on a position where it can do some good, so that’s where the expanding quality comes in. It gives the wild the capability to expand and cover the reel it is on, if that will result in a combination being improved or formed. If not, the wild will remain in the initial position, with a single symbol spot being occupied by it. The wild’s power works with the regular symbols only, so the scatter doesn’t benefit.

There are both some pros and cons to this expanding wild. First of all, it appears only on reels 1 and 2, so that’s a disadvantage. However, it will multiply by two the prize of any combo formed with its help.

Bonus Game

The first scatter symbol you get is the Bowling Ball, a bonus icon that gets you access to the bonus feature. You need at least three scattered Bowling Balls on the screen, to get the bonus game.


Once inside the bonus game, you get to play a bowling game from start to finish, with all 10 frames that you would expect in one.

Free Games Feature

The woman playing bowling is the one that you can expect to get the free spins from. This scatter symbol has to appear a minimum of three times on the five reels. 10 spins and x2 multipliers are the reward for three scatters. Four scatters gets you 20 spins and x3 multipliers. The maximum number of scatters, which is five, will award 40 spins for free and x4 multipliers. It’s my favorite feature in this game, nothing beats free as far as I’m concerned, especially when prizes are worth four times the usual amount.


Betting options and jackpots

The betting range of Bowled Over is between $0.01 and $50. At its lowest, a single coin is used, triggering a single payline. At its highest, you get 10 coins per line and 20 lines active, for a total of 200 coins. The denomination is also at its highest then, the $0.25 value bringing you a $50 wager per round.

You will get 3,000 times the line bet from its jackpot, enough to put 30,000 coins in your account, or up to $7,500.

Design and symbols

The game gets as a theme the bowling alley, so each of the five reels has a background made out of wood. The part that is a bit confusing is the playing cards, which are made out of the same material as the background, so there is a bit too much bowling alley in the game. The rest of the symbols are in an older style, not that attractive to the eye.

Symbols: Bowling Pins (wild), Woman Bowler (scatter), Bowling Ball (scatter), Bowler (3,000x), Bowling Shoes (500x), Food (375x), Ace (350x), King (240x), Queen (160x), Jack (120x), 10 (80x) and 9 (60x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Any fan of bowling will enjoy this game, despite its rather crude graphics. It manages to make itself loveable despite its shortcomings, using its features and theme to its advantage.

The Bowled Over slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.