Bust-A-Vault Slots

Bust-A-VaultA common theme for a modern slot, bank robbery isn’t as popular among classic slot machines, but Bust-A-Vault does have a few competitors already. It’s surprisingly well designed for a classic game, one of the few that you will enjoy looking at. It’s mostly about bank vaults when it comes to the surrounding graphics, but on the reels you will find only the main symbol that is used for this purpose.

A classic 3 reel title, it offers its players 1 payline, which is obviously the smallest number of choices it could have. Even though it’s a classic, it still manages to offer a feature, a wild symbol that has its own multiplier. As for the big prize, its value stops at $10,000.

Features of Bust-A-Vault

The one feature that this game gives you is a wild symbol, the feature that is most common in classic slots, when they do include something.

The Vault is the image selected for this purpose, so whenever you see it alone on the reels don’t despair, it can still be useful. Getting a single of these wilds to contribute to a winning combo will triple the prize, the x3 multiplier being available when two of these wilds are on the line.

Betting options and jackpots

The slot’s only line gets up to 3 coins, the use of bigger bets bringing along bigger wins per coin used, at least when the top jackpot is concerned. Each coin gets a value in the $0.01 – $5 range, so when all three are used at their highest denomination the total bet reaches $15.

In exchange for three coins used in your bets, you can get the 2,000 coins of the top jackpot. The highest value of this prize is $10,000.

Design and symbols

As I’ve mentioned already, one of the game’s strong points would be its design, fairly modern and very well thought out. Even though almost all the symbols are classics, the way they were designed, plus the surrounding graphics, makes this game look like an inviting title. If you’re a fan of classic slot machines, this is your chance to experience a game that is actually fun to look at.

Symbols: Vault (wild, 2,000 coins), Cherries (300 coins), Orange (225 coins), Lemon (90 coins), Triple Bar (75 coins), Double Bar (45 coins) and Single Bar (30 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

If the thought of a classic game with some extra features attached to it sounds good, Bust-A-Vault might be your game. Both its wild and the attached multiplier make it a solid choice, though it’s far from being the only one with this type of feature.

The Bust-A-Vault slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.