Costume Party Slots

Costume-PartyThough not exactly a classic game, Costume Party does have the layout of one, with 3 reels used total, each one with 3 symbols on it and a total of 3 paylines. The theme is that of a costume party, where people come dressed as various characters (knights, heroes, nurses, chickens and cowboys). The body parts mix up on each reel, getting you a prize when you manage to form a body with three body parts that belong to the same character. It might sound like a bad horror movie, but it’s actually a hilarious result, one you can’t help but smile at.

You get the equivalent of 3 reels in Costume Party, the design being a bit more unusual than that though. There are three paylines on them, vertical instead of horizontal, as you have to match the symbols on the same reel. The wild symbol is its only feature, with the largest prize being worth $27,000. The developer behind this unusual slot is called Rival Gaming.

Features of Costume Party

A wild symbol exists, though that’s the only feature in this 3 reel game. It takes the shape of a Gorilla body, holding a sign which says Wild in front. This wild symbol only appears on the middle position of the three reels, so it can only replace that middle section. If you have already the head and the feet that match the same character, the Gorilla Wild will substitute for the middle part, so that you can get paid by the new combo.


Betting options and jackpots

You are able to bet a maximum of $45 in this game, each of the three reels accepting up to $15. The line bets get 1 to 3 coins, with individual denominations going from $0.01 to $5.

The 5,400 coins of the biggest prize available will put up to $27,000 in your account, but for that to happen you have to wager all three coins at $5 per line.

Design and symbols

The reason why this game is different is the reel area, which has three characters on it, made out of three body sections. Each reel/character has a Head, a Body and Feet. The characters are dressed as Super Woman, a Cowboy, a Nurse, a Knight or a Chicken. In order to be paid, you need to form a complete body, with all three parts being from the original character. It’s quite the funny slot when that doesn’t happen though, as you can get a medieval knight with the head of a chicken, or a cowboy with the legs of a sexy nurse.


Symbols: Gorilla Chest (wild), Monster (5,400 coins), Witch (1,500 coins), Astronaut (420 coins), Knight (255 coins), Hero (120 coins), Cowboy (75 coins), Nurse (45 coins) and Chicken (30 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s one of the most unusual 3 reel slot machines I’ve seen, and based on that alone I’d say it’s worth a shot. You don’t see too often slot machines that bring something new to the table, so they should be rewarded when they do. The game is fun enough to warrant at least a look.

The Costume Party slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.