Doo-Wop Daddy-O! Slots

Doo-Wop-Daddy-O!Doo-Wop Daddy-O is a Rival Gaming music themed slot machine, mixing the vintage period and the beginning of rock and roll with a bit of a diner look, the source of the music being a jukebox. There are cool guys with leather jackets, blonde women with vintage glasses, pink poodles and waitresses on roller skates, so you can imagine the kind of game that you can get with these ingredients. The diner and its pink neon sign is an important part of American culture, so chances are that you will enjoy the time you spend playing this game.

You will get 20 lines to bet on in this game, a 5 reel slot that has among its best features a combo of two bonus games, scatter symbols that give out prizes and wilds that can give huge prizes. In fact, the 15,000x top jackpot is offered by the wild, worth up to $37,500.

Features of Doo-Wop Daddy-O!

There are wild symbols, scatters and two different bonus games inside, which should be enough for anyone. The free spins are the only ones that seem to be missing.

The Wild Diner Logo is made out of pink and blue neon, a classic way of signaling a spot where you can rest, listen to some music on the jukebox and eat an ice cream or something a bit more filling. As the wild, it has the ability to replace any other symbol, in order to form a new winning line, though it can also add to an existing combo in order to help it pay more. A single wild doesn’t do much for the prize, but with each additional symbol that helps out you get a better multiplier, ending up with 4x the usual payout if you have four wilds on the same line. As for the prizes that the wild gives out directly, they go from 15x to 15,000x the line bet, a huge amount that few other slots will put forward.


A Motorcycle symbol is also included among the features. The only thing you will get from it is a prize, with the symbols triggering it appearing in random positions, instead of having to form a combination. At least two scattered Motorcycles are needed to trigger a prize, but you need five of them to win the biggest one it has to offer, the equivalent of 200 total bets.

Soda Fountain Bonus

The Milkshake’s symbol is one of the two that can get a bonus game going. 3+ Milkshakes that appear in the game will get you the Soda Fountain bonus game. You are asked to make a drink, and you have to do just that, getting a prize once it’s over.

Drag Race Bonus

The second bonus game involves a drag race, where you have to shift gears at the right time in order to win it. At least three Drag Race Cars need to be present, to get this bonus game going.

Betting options and jackpots

The requirements of the game are not that large, the individual lines accepting bets of up to $2.50 only, using up to 10 coins of $0.25 each. The selection of fewer coins, or none if you don’t want to activate some lines, is possible, while denominations go as low as $0.01. The total value of a wager will reach $50 at its highest level.

The 15,000x reward offered through the top jackpot is pretty great, more than what you can expect in most slots. A more typical reward goes up to 5,000x or 10,000x the line bet, so at 15,000x this is a very good payout. Since the line wager is quite low, the value goes only up to $37,500, but it’s good value for the money you have to put in.

Design and symbols

The vintage feel of this game will be appreciated by a lot of players, feeling like a 60s or 70s title when you look at what is shown in the symbols. The theme has a classic American diner as inspiration, with both waitresses and customers among the symbols, with milkshakes, roller skates and jukeboxes being other elements that belong there. There are pink neon lines all around the screen, with the background for the reels being made out of the diner’s floor tiles.

Symbols: Diner Logo (wild, 15,000x), Motorcycle (scatter, 200x the wager), Milkshake (scatter), Truck (scatter), Elvis Impersonator (1,000x), Blonde Customer (300x), Cook (200x), Waitress (150x), Pink Poodle (100x), Roller Skates (75x), Jukebox (65x) and Records (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Thanks to the vintage feel it brings along, its classy look and the diner theme that is such a big part of American history, I’d say it is worth playing. Even the features are good, plus you have that 15,000x top jackpot that gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

This Doo-Wop Daddy-O! slot is offered by all online casinos with Rival software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.