Hobo’s Hoard Slots

Hobo's-HoardHobo’s Hoard is one of the weirder games that Rival Gaming has created so far. This slot machine is themed around a homeless man that is hoarding stuff. It can be a rewarding game, the payouts are on the decent side, but the design is far from attractive. I’m not that crazy about the theme that was used either, but the design is the one that’s truly annoying here. It looks like a very old slot machine, a 90s title with characters drawn rather crudely, but let’s see how the features are as well, in case looks don’t matter to you.

You will discover a total of 15 paylines on the game’s 5 reels, a typical layout for Rival. As the best features that it has to offer, Hobo’s Hoard gives you free games, a bonus feature, a scatter symbol and a wild. That’s about it for the extras, but the top payout doesn’t disappoint, giving away up to $37,500.

Features of Hobo’s Hoard

All the features that Hobo’s Hoard offers are common for the slot machines from Rival. That means that you can get a wild symbol, a scatter symbol that gets you prizes, free spins and a bonus game.

The Trash Can is the most valuable symbol of this slot machine, quite fitting in this case I’d say. On its own, this is a wild symbol that appears on all five reels, substituting for other symbols and hopefully that will result in new combinations forming from time to time. If the wild appears multiple times on the same payline, its symbols can form their own combination. The best payout offered is at 7,500x the amount wagered on a single line. The wild doesn’t substitute for a bonus or a scatter symbol.

Free Games Feature

The soda can is marked Spins, and that’s exactly what you get from it. A minimum of three scattered Cans will award a fixed number of spins, 10 of them available this way. There are no multipliers here, while in most Rival slots they always seem to be available.

A cash prize is also offered for the same 3 to 5 symbols with Soda Cans. It varies between 1x and 50x the round’s bet, depending on how many symbols were present.

Bonus Game

The bonus game can be a way to break the monotony in this slot, but you need 3+ bonus icons before you get access to it. Appearing in scattered locations, they also give away prizes of up to 50x the bet.


It’s a picking bonus game, where you choose one of the people waiting at the bus stop. The bonus game brings you a prize next.

Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range goes from $0.01 to $75. The smallest coin value is at $0.01, while the highest one is worth $1. Up to 5 coins are usable per line, with the wagers of up to $5 resulting in total bets of $75 if all the lines are selected.

As for the big prize, it gives you 7,500 times the line bet back, so you end up with cash payouts of up to $37,500.

Design and symbols

As I’ve mentioned before, the design is the truly awful part about this game. It’s not as much the fact that it’s about a homeless person, as it is the quality of the drawings and the way the characters were built. They’re not attractive enough, plus you only get about half of the symbols with a theme, the rest being fruits. This is not the type of game that you play for the graphics, more the kind that you try out despite what it looks like.

Symbols: Trash Can (wild, 7,500x), Soda Can (scatter, 50x the wager), People (scatter, 50x the round wager), Hobo (750x), Cardboard Box (500x), Hobo Knapsack (250x), Shopping Cart (250x), Pineapple (150x), Orange (125x), Apple (100x), Lemon (80x) and Cherries (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If it wasn’t for its design, I would definitely recommend this game, it pays well enough and its features are at least OK. The design is the one that’s holding this game back.

Hobo’s Hoard can be found at any Rival casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.