Loco 7s Slots

Loco-7sLoco 7s has some cool things going for it, the design being by far its biggest advantage when it’s compared with the many other 3 reel slot machines which are on the market. The theme is not that often seen in slot machines from this category, being inspired by Mexico and by its guitar singers. You’re not getting a lot of features, being more of a classical slot machine than you’d suspect in that regard, but it makes up for it with its design.

A classic slot machine, but a good looking one, it sports 3 reels with 1 bet line. It also offers a scatter symbol of sorts, plus payouts which will reward you with up to $7,500.

Features of Loco 7s

Though you’re going to enjoy the design, especially if you compare it with a regular 3 reel title, the game doesn’t do as much for you with its list of features. There aren’t any big ones, only a scatter symbol of sorts that can offer you prizes from random locations.

The lack of features in such a game is not surprising, and it’s not something you should expect anyway, but most titles have at least a wild symbol to help you out along the way.

Here, the only symbol which has some kind of ability is the Red Pepper, capable of offering prizes by appearing with one or two symbols in random locations. The prizes are very low though, almost not worth discussing. Three such symbols, on a payline, will still give you a better prize.

Betting options and jackpots

The game’s only payline accepts anywhere between 1 and 3 coins to be wagered on it. Their value will vary as well, between $0.01 and $10. You can spend a maximum of $30 per spin.

If you happen to land three symbols with the three peppers on each one, you get 7,500 coins back in the case of a 3 coin wager. That would mean up to $75,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The design in Loco 7s tries to be as close to the Mexican theme as possible. One example would obviously be the Mexican man that’s playing the guitar, dressed like a cowboy, with spurs, a poncho, a sombrero on his head and a huge mustache adorning his face.


The reels are made out of rope which is tied to two cactus plants, used on both the left and the right side. Overall, even though it uses quite a few classic icons, the game does a better job with its design than 90% of the 3 reel slots available out there.


Symbols: Three Peppers (7,500 coins), Two Peppers (500 coins), Red Pepper (300 coins), Three 7s (240 coins), Two 7s (180 coins), One 7 (170 coins), Three Bar (90 coins), Two Bar (60 coins) and One Bar (30 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a fan of 3 reel titles it will be a lot of fun to play. It might be a classic, but it has the design quality of a modern slot machine.

Loco 7s can be found at any Rival casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.