One Million Reels BC Slots

One-Million-Reels-BCOne Million Reels BC will take you in a trip back in time, to a place and moment when cavemen and dinosaurs were both present. That obviously never happened, the dinosaurs were long gone by the time cavemen were around, but it makes for good entertainment, and they’re not the first ones to do this anyway. If you enjoyed The Flintstones, you will find the same combination of dinosaurs and humans in the graphics of this classic slot machine, and they look absolutely great.

A 3 reel classic, the slot has 1 payline and a feature that you wouldn’t normally expect, a wild symbol with a multiplier of up to 4x. It is a Rival Gaming title, a slot that has a progressive jackpot to offer.

Features of One Million Reels BC

This is a classic slot machine, but not a regular one. You can expect at least one feature from it, and it’s good enough to make you want to play it. It’s a wild symbol and it has a multiplier.

The symbol’s image is that of the T-Rex, the same symbol that gives away the progressive jackpot. In case you weren’t lucky enough to get all three symbols with the T-Rex on them, which would give you the biggest prize available, you can still make a profit with one or two wilds. If a combo is formed with their help, you get 2x the usual prize if one wild is involved or 4x the usual prize if two wilds were on the payline at the time. The substitution power of the wild applies to any regular symbol.

Betting options and jackpots

There isn’t much of a betting range in this game, not if you want to get that progressive jackpot at least. You would have to use all three coins allowed in that case, with one or two coins getting you much smaller payouts. These coins have denominations of $0.75 to $1.25, so with three coins selected you wager $3.75 per spin.

With one coin you get 1,000 coins, or $1,250. Two coins gets you 2,000 coins, or $2,500. Three coins will offer you the progressive jackpot though, and its average value in the past, when it was won, was at $35,000. The highest win ever was at $174,000.

Design and symbols

For a game that is considered a classic, it looks pretty great, millions of years ahead of the ones that try to just look like pub slots. It has the typical three reels, but the background image and the symbols make the difference. The reels and the paytable are encased in stone, with dinosaurs and vegetation on both sides, with a volcano that’s spewing lava in the background, and with dinosaur eggs, cavemen and a T-Rex as the symbols. For anyone that loves a classic slot machine, but wants something pretty as well, this title would be a good choice.

Symbols: T-Rex (wild, progressive jackpot), Cavewoman (900 coins), Caveman (450 coins), White Egg (300 coins), Green Egg (150 coins) and Yellow Egg (30 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game seems to be doing everything right. It offers a much bigger progressive jackpot than you would expect with its small wager requirements, it has good features for a classic slot, very good graphics, and a theme that will be fun to experience.

You will find One Million Reels BC at any online casino which chooses to use software from Rival, playable either for free or for real money.