Opera Night Slots

Opera-NightOpera Night gives its players access to the kind of experience that a night at the Opera will offer them, something that not that many people have tried before. Whether you enjoy Opera or not, you’re going to discover a Rival Gaming slot machine that was very well handled design wise, with all the good features that this developer tends to include in all its games. As symbols, all it uses is characters from the Opera show it presents you, singers and performers that will make this a magical experience.

All the great singers of the Opera that are used as characters will fit on the games 5 reels and 20 lines. Rival Gaming made sure that this is a game you want to play, mainly with its features consisting of Drop icons, bonus games, spins for free, scatter symbols and wilds. The top payout is far from being as impressive as the rest of the game, awarding up to $5,000.

Features of Opera Night

A couple of different bonus games are part of the show, plus a scatter symbol capable of triggering free spins, multipliers and a wild symbol.

The wild symbol is easy enough to explain in this case, as it doesn’t do a lot of things. It simply substitutes for other symbols, but it doesn’t expand or stack, doesn’t give away prizes of its own and doesn’t have multipliers. All you get from it is some help with new combinations, and that only happens when the paylines it is on already have the rest of the necessary symbols in place. Still, from time to time you’re going to get some extra cash from it, and that’s something you will definitely want.


Free Games Feature

Though there are about three different scatter symbols in this game, the one that’s probably most interesting is the Conductor, as it is the only one that gets you free spins. Depending on how many of these scatter symbols are on the screen at the same time, you’re going to get rewarded with a different number of free spins, varying between 5 and 20, all of them with 3x multipliers.

Opera Drop Bonus

Whenever Drop Icons appear in the game, at least three times, they will disappear and will allow for new symbols to come take their place, hopefully also giving you another winning combination as a result. The symbols that can do that are the ones with a Masked Man on them. Many other games offer this feature as a standard, for all symbols, so it’s unusual to see it offered only for one symbol.

Bonus Game

The Viking Woman is the second of the bonus symbols. The third scatter available in the game, it appears in random positions and when you have at least three of them you get the bonus game to start up.

You choose the pitch at which the diva should sing in order to break the wine glasses. If you get it right, you win a prize. The average prize is at about 1200 coins for this bonus feature.

Betting options and jackpots

You will be allowed to wager $0.01 to $50 per spin in this game, each of the 20 lines accepting a maximum of 10 coins and with values that don’t go beyond $0.25. The $2.50 line bet turns into top bets of $50, but you can wager considerably less if you want to.

A jackpot of 2,000x is available inside, meaning only up to $5,000 for the players that used the highest bets available.

Design and symbols

It’s a gorgeous game, aristocratic looking thanks to all the decorations on the stage and around it, with singers dressed in costumes of all kinds, from barbers, to knights, noblemen, Viking divas and Cleopatra. The surrounding design is that of a Opera hall, with all the wonderful decorations that would normally be in one. Though you get only characters among the symbols, they don’t get boring and they’re a pleasure to look at.

Symbols: Tenor (2,000x), Gipsy (wild), Viking Diva (bonus), Masked Man (bonus, 200x), Conductor (scatter), Barber (1,000x), Geisha (300x), Cleopatra (150x), Clown (100x), Knight (70x), Noble woman (40x) and Noble man (20x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Opera Night will be highly enjoyable by those that want something pretty to look at, especially with this kind of theme.

Opera Night can be found at any Rival casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.