Pigskin Payout Slots

Pigskin-PayoutPigskin Payout is an American Football themed slot machine, the designer that created it being Rival Gaming. The name was chosen because of the material that the football is usually made out of, which is pig skin. The game’s theme is not uncommon, but it’s not that often seen either. Soccer themed slots seem to be more popular, due to the sheer number of people that enjoys this sport worldwide. Since it’s not overused yet, the American football theme is a good choice for this game, but I wished its design would’ve been a bit less joke like.

The 5 reels from Pigskin Payout will offer you 20 bet lines during each spin. You can expect some interesting features, the main one being the free spins where you can’t lose, followed by the wild symbol with multipliers. The prize is also good, offering $18,750.

Features of Pigskin Payout

The wild symbol and its multiplier is important for the slot, but my favorite would be the free spins called Jackpot Can’t Lose and the scatter symbol that gets them for you.

The Cheerleader is a wild symbol in Pigskin Payout. Its appearance on the reels can mean a new winning combo of its own, if multiple wilds are on the same active line, but it can also mean an extra chance for the other symbols to offer a payout. The wild can take the place of another symbol, being part of a combo together with matching symbols of other types. You can get three Referee symbols and one Cheerleader wild for example, and you will have a four symbol combo with the payout for that many Referees being 120x, instead of the usual 60x. The reason is the multiplier of 2x that the wild brings along. If the Cheerleader creates its own combo on a line, you get much better prizes, being the best paying symbol of the slot.

Jackpot Can’t Lose Free Spins

Offering huge prizes with guaranteed wins, the free spins get you 5 to 25 rounds for free, depending on how many scattered Stadiums are present. Besides the free spins, you receive triple the usual prizes as well. Both the 1st and the 5th reels are wild for the duration of these spins.

Betting options and jackpots

You are free to select as many of the 20 lines as you want, but it’s a good idea to take them all. You will have to use coins for all of them, at least one per line, the maximum being 10. The coins have their own denominations, with a range that only goes from $0.01 and $0.25. Those that decide to max out every option end up with $50 total bets, or $2.50 per line.

The wild symbol can award you up to 7,500x the line wager, meaning that if you used $2.50 line bets you could walk away with $18,750 cash.

Design and symbols

Though it’s not entirely unpleasant, the design of Pigskin Payout isn’t that fun to look at either. To give you just one example, the Cheerleader wild looks almost like a plastic inflated doll. The rest of the symbols seem a bit better designed, but they keep the same type of look and I for one am not a fan. You can see the stadium in the background, but the spectators look 2D and the tribunes look like walls with people painted on them as a result. Still, as a fan of American Football you’re not going to find that many choices out there, so you can give it a try and see if maybe the design it’s less of a bother for you.

Symbols: Stadium (scatter), Cheerleader (wild, 7,500x), Play Scheme (1,000x), Player with ball (1,500x), Defensive Player (300x), Referee (200x), Mascot (150x), 50 Yard Line (100x), Football (75x), Food (65x) and Foam Finger (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a game for the true fans of the sport, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else, it’s just not good enough in any of the areas it covers. The only part that I truly love is the round of free spins where you can’t lose.

This Pigskin Payout slot is offered by all online casinos with Rival software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.