Psychedelic Sixties Slots

Psychedelic-SixtiesPsychedelic Sixties will give you exactly what it promises, a look at the 60s as the decade with the hippie influence and its Flower Power movement. The entire game looks psychedelic, but even though they are the only ones to give you this much hippie stuff in one place, they’re far from being the only ones to focus on the 60s. There are a couple of slots already out there, each one bringing the hippies to your screen, but they don’t do as good a job as this particular title.

You’re going to get a chance to bet on up to 20 lines, though only one needs to be selected to get the 5 reels going. Created by Rival Gaming, the slot has free games, a traveling bonus game, multipliers, scatter symbols and a wild feature. A $1,000 top jackpot is all you can get from it.

Features of Psychedelic Sixties

The bonus round, the wild symbol, the free spins and a multiplier, these are the main features offered by this game, and they’re all welcomed, even though they bring nothing truly exciting.

The Love Hearts that are floating on a psychedelic background will serve as a regular wild for the duration of the regular game, but they will be expanding wilds if the free spins are active. You can get one to three wilds to help you out, on the first three reels. Depending on how many wilds take part in a winning combo, you get a multiplier as well, which is between 1x and 3x. You don’t get any kind of help from them with the special feature symbols, the scatters, but they work very well with regulars. The wild is useful because it has the ability to substitute for a regular symbol, which means that it will keep bringing you new wins as you keep playing the game.

Free Games Feature

The Motorcycle is the first of the scatter symbols, and as you would expect it will appear in any position it wants to, and still it will manage to get you the free spins if you have a minimum of three on the reels. 3+ Motorcycles will trigger 10 free spins and a multiplier at 5x, so you will win five times more money than usual.

Since the wild symbol turns into an expanding wild for the duration of the free spins, you also have a much better chance of getting a win, which is a good thing since the prizes are so much better.

Bonus Game

The VW Bus is the other scatter symbol, and its role here is to get the bonus game started. The requirement is typical for a slot machine, asking for three Bus symbols at the minimum.


You travel to New York, Tokyo, Tuscany, London and Paris, and along the way you pick up hippies to accompany you to a rock concert. You get instant prizes from each one and you try to reach the rock concert’s venue to get the biggest payout.

Betting options and jackpots

By selecting 1 to 20 lines in this game, you also decide what the minimum wager would be, as you have to use 1 or more coins in each case. You can go up to 10 coins per line, or 200 total. The denominations have two possible values, $0.01 or $0.05. The line bet is worth $0.50 at its highest, while the total goes up to $10.

The best prize of Psychedelic Sixties will give you 2,000x what you wagered on one line, so up to 20,000 coins. With denominations only going up to $0.05, that means a maximum of $1,000.

Design and symbols

It has a very attractive design, with one of the best 60s era graphics I’ve seen yet. They got the psychedelic look to be just right, with the various swirls of colors used in the background being of a mellow quality that fits right in. Add the flowers that are used all around, the hippie characters that are symbols, the lava lamps and the other 60s objects, and you will feel like it was taken right from that decade.

Symbols: Love Hearts (wild), Motorcycle (scatter), Van (scatter), Flower Power (2,000x), Afro-American Hippie (1,500x), Lava Lamp (300x), Smiley Face Ring (200x), Ankh Cross (150x), Peace Sign (100x), Hippie Man (75x), Tambourine (65x) and Hippie Girl (50x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Whether you were a fan of the 60s or not, there is no doubting that this slot machine is worth pursuing, if nothing else then for its atmosphere. While the top prize is rather low, the wagers don’t ask much of the players either.

The Psychedelic Sixties slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.