Reel Crime 2 Art Heist Slots

Reel-Crime-2-Art-HeistArt Heist is the second game in the Reel Crime series, and this time it doesn’t seem like we’re going back in time anymore. The crimes being commited take place at some point in our recent history, or at least that’s what it looks like. There are all sorts of masterpieces on the reels, including the Mona Lisa of course, plus the slot uses the same type of gameplay with levels that you advance through, allowing you to experience each stage of the art heist. It makes the game a lot of fun, much more so than the majority of the slots that you see today with the same theme.

Just like the first game in the series, Art Heist gets 5 reels with 15 lines on them. Various bonus games, wild symbols and scatters are used throughout, all of them adding to the attractiveness of the $12,500 top jackpot.

Features of Reel Crime 2 Art Heist

The four levels of the game that you get to advance through are a big part of the attraction, but there are also wild symbols with multipliers, there are scatters with bonus rounds and instant prizes.

First of all, we get the Forger character, an artist that chose to make his mark in a different way, copying the works of others for profit. He is going to be the one that triggers the top jackpot when he manages to get his own combinations formed, with up to five Forgers on a payline. However, it’s also a wild symbol, and that’s why he can substitute for all the regular symbols. This means that he helps you create new combinations, but only when its location is on the right payline. He will not help out with the bonus or scatter symbols.


Pick a Painting

The game’s logo is a scatter symbol in this case, the only one that can get this particular feature started. You need a minimum of three game logos, and if that happens you get to the Pick a Painting bonus game. Inside, you have to pick boxes and eliminate them one by one, until you get a masterpiece painting in one of them. The more it takes to find it, the smaller the final prize will be.

Robin Hood Bonus Game

Robin Hood has his own role here, not sure why, but he is used as another scatter symbol. Get 3+ symbols with him and you get his bonus game to start up, but only when you have selected all the lines and the maximum number of coins. Up to 1000 coins can be won inside.

Game Stages

The game has five levels that you go through, plus some challenges that might come up along the way. Failing one would result in a Failed Heist. You get from one stage to the next by having on the reels a minimum of four Masterpiece symbols. These also offer prizes, of up to 100x the wager.

You start The Plan, which is the beginning of the game. In this stage you have to pick the masterpiece painting that will be stolen in the heist.

The Tools asks of you to collect the various tools that will be used, and then to steal the masterpiece.

The Getaway is self-explanatory, you have to run from the Police and not be caught.

The Painting is the stage where you try to figure out who to sell the painting to, so you are looking for an art collector.

Beach of Bastille is the last stage, where you make the sale of the painting, while avoiding the Gendarme that’s trying to catch you.

Betting options and jackpots

You get the chance to wager up to $37.50 per spin in Art Heist, where the 15 lines get as many as 75 coins. Each of these coins can have a value of up to $0.50, and a maximum of 5 of them are used for each payline.

The slot’s top jackpot will multiply your line bet by 5,000x, so you will end up with up to $12,500 in your pocket.

Design and symbols

The art theme works out great for this slot machine, so you will notice symbols with paintings pretty much everywhere. Many of them are fakes, with the face of the robber being added on top of the body of some classic model. You do feel like you’re inside some museum when you look at this game, and that’s a good thing in this case.

Symbols: Forger (wild, 5,000x), The Duke (scatter, 100x the wager), The Scream (scatter, 100x the bet), The Judges (scatter, 100x the round’s wager), Mona Lisa (scatter, 100x the round’s bet), Game Logo (bonus), Robin Hood (bonus), Remy Thinker (500x), Raoul Thinker (500x), Raoul Bandit (100x), The Nudes (100x), The Diners (100x), Remy Bandit (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say so, even more than the first game of the series. It has better prizes and it’s a lot of fun. What more could you want from it?

The Reel Crime 2 Art Heist slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.