Reel Party Platinum Slots

Reel-Party-PlatinumReel Party Platinum is the second game from the Reel Party series, a better version of the first game, and both of them being themed around a New Year’s Eve party. Rival Gaming is the developer behind these games and they’ve included among the symbols all kinds of related images, like people enjoying a party, taxi cabs, bottles of champagne and so on. The design has been improved considerably in the Platinum version, the symbols changing their look but not their meaning.

Wagers placed in Reel Party Platinum will be made on the slot’s 15 paylines. Rival created a slot machine with free spins, with bonus games, scatters, multipliers and wild symbols, while top payouts reach $25,000.

Features of Reel Party Platinum

Even the features are mostly the same ones as in the first game, so you get the same scatter symbols and 100 free spins with multipliers, the Champagne bonus game and the wild symbol.

The baby is the wild symbol, just like before, the one that is capable of contributing to the formation of new combinations from time to time, as long as its position is where it should be, in a round where that payline has a couple of matching symbols already. What you will really enjoy about this symbol is that it can also give you the top jackpot. Even if it’s not on a line where it can help out, it might be on the same line as a few other wild symbols, so it can give you a good prize. The best prize it can award is the 5,000x of the biggest prize of the slot.


Free Games Feature

Father Time once again acts as a scatter symbol that triggers free spins, though he no longer looks like a Reaper, instead smiling and holding an hourglass here. The game takes into consideration the total number of scatter symbols present at the same time, nothing else, so they don’t have to be on a payline together. You get a 3x multiplier for all the free spins, and they are 10, 20 or 100, for 3, 4 or 5 Father Time scatters, respectively.

Champagne Bonus

The Champagne Bottle is the bonus symbol, another scatter, which will get you a bonus game when 3+ symbols appear at the same time, though their positions don’t matter. You get to find out what your prize is by opening a bottle of Champagne.

Betting options and jackpots

You start by deciding on the number of active bet lines for the next round, the range being 1 to 15. You pick the number of coins for each one next, up to 5 being allowed. As for the coin’s denomination, it goes to $1, with a starting point at $0.01. $5 line bets and $75 total bets are possible at the highest levels.

The game’s top jackpot is at 5,000x, or about $25,000. You can triple that if the free spins get involved, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility, since there are up to 100 rounds offered for free by the game.

Design and symbols

As I’ve said, this is the one area where the biggest changes have been made. Every feature is the same, and the images show you mostly the same things, but the graphics have changed for the better. Every single symbol now looks 3D and modern, a pleasure to look at. It’s a game that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other slot machine released recently, and I’m sure you will have a lot more fun with it than you did with the first game.

Symbols: Baby (wild, 5,000x), Father Time (scatter), Champagne Bottle (bonus), Countdown (500x), New Year’s Hat (400x), Party Girl (350x), Man (300x), Food (150x), Trumpet (100x), Shot (100x), Champagne Flutes (65x) and Taxi (65x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Out of the two games from the Reel Party series, I’d definitely recommend the Platinum version. It has pretty much the same features, better prizes and hugely improved graphics.

Reel Party Platinum can be found at any Rival casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.