So 80’s Slots

So-80'sSo 80’s is a game that tries to bring you back to a few decades ago, to the 80s, a time that many remember fondly and which could make for a great slot machine. Pretty much every decade in the last 50-60 years has gotten this kind of game dedicated to it, so no matter if you enjoy the 80s, 50s, 90s or any other decade, chances are you will find a game that deals with it. The typical way they do this is by using some of the objects that were common back then, in this case leggings, classic video games, some dance moves and a boom box. The 80s drawing style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I suggest you give the game a try if you’re a fan of that period.

Though it doesn’t have the lines of a slot from the 80s, it does have fewer than typical for Rival, with 15 of them placed on the 5 reels. As the main feature, you will find the wild symbol, but there is also a scatter and some free spins with multipliers. They don’t have a bonus game here, but they do offer a jackpot of $25,000, so they’re forgiven for the oversight.

Features of So 80’s

You will find just two types of special symbols in So 80’s, the wild and the scatter. The first one can get you a multiplier, while the second one triggers the free games.

As the wild, the developers have chosen the image of a joystick next to a screen with a critter on it, the kind of monster you would see in the first video games in the 80s. I’m sure you will know which one is the wild once you see it, the 80s type of video game monster is quite unforgettable really. Since this is a wild, it only has to appear once in order to get you some money, substituting for another symbol and this way allowing for a new win line to be formed. It also has its own prizes though, but you need the wilds to form combinations of their own on the same line, paying up to 5,000x as they do so.

Free Games Feature

The only other feature of this game is the round of free spins, which needs the scatter symbol to trigger it. The image of the scatter is that of a man doing some kind of dance moves, though he’s on his head and spinning around. As the scatter, it is capable of appearing anywhere on the five reels, and you need a minimum of three to get both the free spins and the 3x multiplier they come with. You win 10 spins for free, no matter how many scatters are present, as long as the minimum number is there.

Betting options and jackpots

If you place the maximum bet on each line, you end up with a $75 total wager. Each line gets up to 5 coins of $1, so $5 total per line. The minimum is at 1 coin of $0.01 for each line you want to activate.

5,000x is the amount promised by the game, which is the equivalent of 25,000 coins, or $25,000.

Design and symbols

The 80s were unusual enough, but you don’t really know how much until you see a game like this one, with the haircuts that were in use at the time, the kind of gadgets they were proud of, or the clothing. The playing cards are there as well, in large enough numbers to distract from the experience, though they are built with a neon pink color that should be a good choice for that era.

Symbols: Video Game Joystick (wild, 5,000x), Dancer (scatter, 75x the bet), Smiley Face (800x), Blonde Man (750x), Woman (750x), Boom box (200x), Leggings (100x), Ace (75x), King (50x), Queen (45x), Jack (35x) and 10 (30x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s only a good game if you enjoyed the 80s and you want to relive them in some way, maybe putting a smile on your face when you see the decade’s fashion. Otherwise, you can safely skip it.

The So 80’s slot machine is offered through the Rival platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.