Spy Game Slots

Spy-GameSpy Game is your typical James Bond inspired slot machine. Created by Rival, Spy Game has a super spy in the lead role, with fast cars, Martini drinks, nuclear rockets and guns among the symbols. Though it doesn’t explicitly mention James Bond, and it’s not an officially licensed game, it’s quite clear what the name of this spy is and what he’s capable of. There are a few slots in this category already, but I’d say that this one is a pretty good title and one of the best of its kind.

Spy Game’s 15 lines are placed on 5 reels. With a bonus game where you can assemble a bomb, with scatter symbols that trigger the free spins and with wilds, you have a pretty decent collection of features inside. The top prize is rather low, worth up to $4,000.

Features of Spy Game

One of the coolest things about this game is the bonus round, with its action that allows you to assemble a bomb during the free spins. There are multipliers involved, wild symbols and scatters, all the ingredients you need to have fun with a slot machine.


The Top Secret files shown in the wild symbol will be the ones to trigger for you new combinations from time to time, doing it with the help of its substitution ability. Taking the place of another symbol, the wild helps a win line to be formed, as long as its location that round is the one needed for that to happen. You’re not getting multipliers in the base game, or prizes directly, but during free spins some things do change.

Free Games Feature

The Pistol scatter is capable of giving you a total of 10 free spins. This being a scatter symbol, it can trigger these rounds without being on the same line, or even on consecutive reels. All it matters is that the symbols are present in some location in sufficient numbers. All the free spins get 4x multipliers, so that’s how much more the wins are worth. You need 3+ Pistol symbols to get them.

Another bonus feature is the wild symbol, which also gets a 3x multiplier while the free spins are in use. This should add up to a 12x multiplier, if both the wild and the free spins put their multipliers together.

Assemble The Bomb

A bonus game, it will only get triggered during the free spins. As the 10 free spins are used, you have to get the three parts of the bomb that are needed to create it. The symbols needed include dynamite sticks, wires and the timer.

Betting options and jackpots

The $5 line bets that are part of the maximum bet will take the value up to $75, using 75 coins along the way. Each of the 15 bet lines gets a maximum of 5 coins, while denominations range from $0.01 to $1.

The jackpot puts 800x the line wager in your pocket, so the more you invest the more you can take home. The jackpot is worth $4,000.

Design and symbols

Though you’re not going to get superb graphics from this slot, they’re at least better than the average spy slot machine. The objects are fine, but the two characters (the spy and the lady in a bikini) seem a bit crudely drawn. The background is the same in the symbols and behind the reels, with a light blue and with sets of 1s and 0s, the founding blocks of computer language.

Symbols: Top Secret File (wild), Handgun (scatter), Woman (800x), Super Spy (400x), Nuclear Missile (200x), Car (100x), Briefcase (60x), Camera (40x) and Martini (30x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Spy Game should be a must play title for fans of the James Bond franchise, even though it doesn’t explicitly mention this character by name. However, if you like your games to be high in prizes, you might want to stay away from this one, it’s a bit too cheap on that front.

This Spy Game slot is offered by all online casinos with Rival software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.