Bank On It Slots

Bank-on-it-RTG-classic-slot-machineBank on It is a simple enough game to play, with little to offer when it comes to features and with the theme being focused on the idea of a piggy bank. This RTG design doesn’t look that great either, but that’s mostly the choice of a classic slot machine, since in most other ways it does quite well for what it is. The idea of the piggy bank and the way it can help you save cash in the long run seems to be a bit in conflict with the whole slot machine idea, but they seem to suggest that putting coins into this game is just as good an idea as saving it yourself.

As for the way the game is organized, this is a classic title and that means 3 reels instead of 5. There is also only one payline inside, which you get a chance to bet on with multiple coins. A wild feature is also included, not highly unusual, but it’s something that’s not available in most classic titles. As for the top payout that this game will offer, it goes all the way up to $7,000.

Features of Bank on It

As I’ve mentioned already, a classic title doesn’t offer much feature wise, but in this case they’ve made a small exception. The wild symbol is the one modern feature you get to use, able to substitute for other symbols that are present on the same line, in order to create a new combo.

There are a few extra things that this game has to offer though, as it tries to give you an extra reason to play it. The piggy bank theme comes back here, allowing you to win back some of the coins you lose. Whenever you see a combo made out of three blank spaces, the wager placed during that round will go in the piggy bank. Money will accumulate there as you continue to play the slot machine and if you ever get a combo with three piggy bank symbols on the payline, you win back all the accumulated money. It is worth noting though that you can only win back that money if you get the three piggy banks at maximum wager (an extra reason to go all in).

Betting options and jackpots

With only one payline available in the game, the betting choices left up to the player are the number of coins to be used and their value. The former gives you the option of using 1 to 3 coins, while the latter takes the denomination from $0.05 to $5 for each coin. The biggest wager you can place here is worth $15, enough to give you a jackpot worth $7,000.

Design and symbols

90%+ of the classic slot machines available these days are either average looking or worse than that. I’d classify this one as an average looking slot machine, though it does make a bit of an effort with its piggy bank theme. Other than that, it looks like the usual classic slot design, complete with the slot arm you got to pull in order to get the game started.

Symbols: Piggy Bank (bonus symbol), Wild logo (wild), Red 7 (1400x), Blue 7 (600), Red & Blue 7 (450x), 3Bar stack (300x), 2Bar stack (150x), 1Bar (75x), Cherry (6x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you enjoy classic slots, but you’re tired of the usual featureless and bland looking games, Bank on It does have something extra to offer. Its Piggy Bank feature is quite interesting and it adds a nice twist to the game.

Bank on It can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.