Basketbull Slots

BasketbullBasketbull is a game about basketball, as the title suggests, but it’s got a twist. This RTG slot machine is themed around various animals playing this sport, so you will find them all as characters and symbols on the reels. The action takes place on a basketball court, but the stands are empty during the game, one detail that the designers seem to have missed. This sport does have a huge following, especially in the United States, but other countries are catching on quickly.

This slot machine has everything you might want if you’re into basketball, but it also offers some good features and two different progressive jackpots (called Major and Minor). This 5 reel/25 payline game will give you up to $10,000 in prizes, plus access to a mix of free games, wild symbols and scatters.

Features of Basketbull

Basketbull, the basketball playing bull, is the star of the game and he is used as the main symbol as well. He takes the role of the wild feature, while also awarding the top jackpot. With the exception of the ball scatter, Basketbull can substitute for any other symbol present on the reels. It has to be in the right spot in order to help you get extra combinations formed though, so you’re not guaranteed a win just because this feature is present. As for the top prize, you need five Basketbull symbols on the same payline in order to win the 10,000x prize.

The ball is the other big feature, used as the scatter symbol and capable of awarding prizes whenever you have at least two of them on the reels. It’s better to have more of them, since the prizes will go as high as 200x the value of a bet.


Free Throw Feature, With Up to 96 Free Spins

The same scatter symbol that I’ve already covered above, the one with the ball, will get you into the slot’s bonus feature. It’s called “Free Throw” and it requires a minimum of three scatter symbols to be activated. Depending on how many ball symbols triggered it, you get the same number of free throws (3 to 5).

You start out with 3 free spins, a number which doubles each time you get a successful free throw. You can end up with up to 96 free spins if you get five successful free throws. Even better, all these spins benefit from the presence of a 3x multiplier.

Win-Win Feature – once the free spins are over, the Win-Win feature may get activated in certain cases. First of all, the player has to use the maximum number of 25 coins, activating all the lines. Second, the feature will start up if the amount you’ve won during the free spins is worth less than 10x the triggering bet. You get a cash prize if that happens. If you didn’t win anything during your free spins, Win-Win gets you a prize worth 100x the bet. If you’ve won prizes worth up to 2x the bet, your reward is worth 25x the bet. 2x to 5x prizes won during free spins will result in additional prizes worth 10x the bet from Win-Win. Finally, for 5x to 10x the bet in prizes, Win-Win will give you 5x the bet.


Betting options and jackpots

Your first decision here should be on the number of lines you want active. The second choice concerns the Bet value, which has a betting range of $0.01 to $25. The most you can bet on a single line is $1.

The game does come with two progressive jackpots, called Major and Minor, but they’re not impressive enough to make people play the slot for them alone. They’re also randomly awarded, so they don’t feel like they’re truly part of the game.

The game’s own jackpot looks good enough to get your attention though, with $10,000 awarded to a player that makes a $1 wager on the right payline ($25 for all lines selected).

Design and symbols

The Basketbull design aims to look funny and it succeeds for the most part. The playing cards symbols look like they’re numbers on a player’s jersey, while the various characters use different animals and tend to make funny or angry faces at you. The drawing style is cartoon like, but it fits quite well with the animal sports team that is the star here.

Symbols: Basketbull (wild, 10,000x), Ball (scatter, 200x the bet), Cow cheerleader (2500x), Dog player (1250x), Ram referee (1000x), Milk box (500x), Basketball hoop (500x), Ace/King/Queen (250x), Jack/Ten/Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game will appeal to plenty of players, so whether you’re a fan of basketball or you simply want something to relax you, Basketbull can be a good choice. The features seal the deal though, especially the Win-Win feature which completes the free spins rather nicely.

This Basketbull slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.