Boy King’s Treasure Slots

Boy-Kings-Treasure-slotWith Boy King’s Treasure, you get the chance once again to try out an Egyptian themed slot machine. This one was designed by the guys from RTG, so chances are that’s going to be fun to play. The entire action takes place in the vicinity of the Nile, which you can see behind the reels, with lush vegetation nearby and with the pyramids noticeable in one corner as well. The treasure focus is mostly visible in the way the various symbols are encrusted with gems or they seem to be made out of gold.

A 5 reel game, Boy King’s Treasure has 20 paylines that can be used, which is normal for a slot from RTG. Just as normal for them is the fact that they use every type of major feature you can think of, starting with free spins and multipliers, and with scatters and wilds completing the list. Up to $9,000 can be won with a single combo of five symbols, a number which doubles in value if a wild contributes to its creation.

Features of Boy King’s Treasure

King Tut, or the golden statue representation of him, acts in the role of the wild here. It’s an important enough symbol, not just because it helps you get additional combinations formed, but also because it doubles the payouts when it does that. That’s how the original $9,000 top jackpot can go up to $18,000, if it gets a helping hand from King Tut.

Free Spins Feature

The snake symbol is the other part of the equation, the trigger for the round of free spins and cash prizes. Getting three symbols of this type on the reels, in any position, will reward you with a prize worth 5x the bet and with 15 free spins. Four scatters will go even higher, to 25x the bet and the same 15 free spins. Finally, with five scatters the 15 free spins are accompanied by a prize worth 150x the bet value.


Betting options and jackpots

In typical RTG fashion, you get the option to place a bet worth $100 at its highest setting. That kind of wager would use all 20 coins available, with their value set to the maximum of $5. For smaller bets, you can either reduce the number of coins (which will reduce the number of lines as well) and you can also reduce their value to as little as $0.01.

The game’s best prize is worth about $9,000, if you’re only getting identical symbol combinations. If one of those symbols happens to be a wild, that prize doubles to $18,000. The scatter symbol gives you the second best possible outcome, offering up to $15,000.

Design and symbols

Though there is a lot of choice out there for Egyptian themed slot machines, I’d have to say that Boy King’s Treasure is not that bad looking. It’s certainly above average when compared with the rest of the competition, but it doesn’t quite manage to get to the top of the list. Its symbols and surrounding graphics look good, enough, with details and sufficiently bright colors being used in each one, while many competitors just give you a design with various shades of brown and gold.

Symbols: King Tutankhamen (wild), Snake (scatter, 150x the bet), Gold Bracelet (1800x), Cat (1000x), Hippo (750x), Bird (750x), Ace/King (500x), Queen/Jack (150x), Ten/Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If modern slot machines with an Egyptian theme are your thing, Boy King’s Treasure should be on your list of slots to play, especially since it’s one of the better looking titles you will find in this category. Don’t expect miracles from it though, its features are quite average and it doesn’t impress with its top jackpot either.

Boy King’s Treasure can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.