Builder Beaver Slots

Builder-Beaver-slotBuilder Beaver is an RTG modern slot, a game that is themed around beavers and their habit of building things out of wood. In the real world that would mean mostly dams, but in this game you’re going to find quite a few more objects that are using this wonderful building material that is wood. The action focuses on the work the beavers do in construction, so all the elements revolve either around construction workers, around objects used by them while building things or items connected to nature.

This 25 payline game has 5 reels and it offers an interesting experience, with cuteness being one of its strengths, while others include its features and two randomly given progressive jackpots. The feature side offers the wild symbol for one, which gives out the game’s own prize, while the other side is represented by the scatter symbol, which also has prizes to offer. Free spins and multipliers are available as well, while the top prize is worth around $50,000.

Features of Builder Beaver

Beaver is the character that is the star here, with his checkered shirt and his yellow protection hat complementing his toothy smile rather well. This is the wild symbol, which will be able to substitute for other symbols, as long as it is placed in a position on a line where his presence would help. To give you a better idea of this symbol’s importance, suffice it to say that it can award prizes of its own if multiple wilds are on the same active line. Up to 10,000 coins can be won with its help.

The “Beaver Logging Co” wooden sign acts as the second big feature of Builder Beaver. This symbol has scatter qualities, meaning that it awards its prizes based solely on the number of existing symbols, not on their position on a line. Best case scenario, the cash side of its effects will put in your pocket a prize worth 200 times what your bet was.

Two Types of Free Spins Features

The really interesting part about this slot machine is that there are two ways to win free spins here. The scatter symbol is responsible for one of them, while the other uses the wild symbol.

Sign Feature – with three or more Sign symbols scattered around the reels, you will not only win the cash prize I mentioned above, but also a round of 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier. The scatter symbols become wild for the duration of these free games, but only after the round is over (so you still get a chance to retrigger the free spins with them). Even better, the 10 free spins can be retriggered with the help of three wilds as well.

Beaver Feature – the free spins that can be won through the wild symbol are even better than the ones from the scatter. You get 12 instead of 10 spins, plus the multiplier is higher as well, at 3x instead of 2x. The downside is that you don’t get to use scatter symbols during these games. You can still retrigger them with the help of 3+ wilds though.


Betting options and jackpots

With up to 25 selectable paylines in the game, Builder Beaver also offers the option to change the total bet. Instead of changing the coin denomination, you go up or down with the total bet value, starting at $0.25 and going up to $125 (when all the lines are selected).

The prize you have a best chance of winning is the one offered by the game directly, worth 10,000 coins ($50,000). It requires the presence of five Beaver wilds on the same active line.

This RTG slot does have two progressive jackpots included, called Major (a few thousand dollars) and Minor (hundreds of dollars). They are awarded at random, so let’s just call them a nice potential bonus, but not really part of the game.

Design and symbols

The design is pretty enough to make you spend some time on this game. It doesn’t look like a modern design, but the various animals that appear in it are nicely drawn and the cartoon style is much appreciated in this case. Even the area behind the symbols looks nice, with lots of tiny white leaves barely visible on the yellow background.

Symbols: Beaver (wild, 10,000x), Sign (scatter, 200x the bet), Beaver Lady (5,000x), Log Cabin (3,000x), Bear (2,000x), Raccoon (750x), Wooden Chest (300x), Saw (300x), Apple (250x), Break Siren (250x), Lotus Flower (100x), Pine Cone (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Since it offers so much to its players, I’d definitely recommend this title, and not just to fans of RTG games. It offers higher than average payouts for a game from this developer, it has two small progressive jackpots and both the wild and the scatter symbols can trigger free spins with multipliers.

This Builder Beaver slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.