Coyote Cash Slots

Coyote-CashCoyote Cash is themed around an armored car robbery, where the villain is a coyote accompanied by a snake with a mask on its face. The action takes place somewhere in the desert, in a remote place where there are no witnesses. With a design that is part Roadrunner inspired, part Mexican, Coyote Cash can give you a decent experience.

You will notice in Coyote Cash that the game offers you pretty much everything you might need. You get the usual wild and scatter symbols, plus you get multipliers in a few different situations and plenty of free spins. A random progressive jackpot is one of the prizes given away here, but the big target is on the $50,000 top prize.

Features of Coyote Cash

The most dangerous character of the game, Coyote, is the villain in this slot machine, but at the same time he acts as the main character and takes the role of the wild. The two most common roles for a wild is that of a symbol that can substitute for others, and that of the top jackpot trigger. Coyote has both roles here, giving away 10,000 coins when he forms a five symbol combo with wilds on an active line, plus he substitutes and adds a 2x multiplier to combinations he helps form.

The Loot symbol, represented by a green money bag, is another type of feature, called a scatter. The scatter’s ability to give big payouts based on its random presence around the reels makes it a favorite for a lot of players. In this case, the reward starts for two scatter symbols at 1x the bet value, then keeps going higher and at five scatters reaches a value of 200x the bet.

Free Games Feature with Multipliers

The Loot symbol is also responsible for the start of the free spins round. You get 20 rounds for free, plus a multiplier that is between 2x and 4x (for 3 to 5 triggering symbols). If you retrigger the free games, the extra spins will use the same initial multiplier.


Betting options and jackpots

25 coins is all you will need to cover all the bet lines with your wager. From there, you can go as high or as low with the coin value as you wish. The start value is $0.01, while the high limit is at $5. Put it all together, and you get a $125 maximum bet.

The coin value you choose for your wagers will influence the ultimate cash value of the prizes you get. If you happen to win the top jackpot, you will find that the cash equivalent for 10,000 coins can be as high as $50,000.

The way RTG always does, a progressive jackpot is added to the slot, but it’s not awarded by the game’s symbols. Instead, the prize is given at random to one of the players that try the game.

Design and symbols

The design here seems to mimic the one from the Roadrunner cartoon, which you might already know from your childhood. You get the same desert like view at the top, with the long road in the middle. The symbols are either related to the desert and its wildlife, or they’re part of the story of the slot. The Coyote is trying to rob an armored car, so the guard of the money and the vehicle are both part of the symbols. Overall, it’s a good design and even the playing cards look the part and seem to belong in that desert.

Symbols: Coyote (wild, 10,000x), Loot (scatter, 200x the bet), Eagle Security Guard (5,000x), Snake Bandit (2,500x), Armored Car (750x), Cactus (500x), Cow Skull (500x), Ace/King/Queen (250x), Jack/Ten/Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an interesting play on the old Roadrunner cartoon, certainly one of the main characters is the same and the Coyote remains evil in here as well. Payouts and features are typical for a slot machine, so it’s no missing anything. I’d recommend it, you will have fun playing it.

This Coyote Cash slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.