Dream Run Slots

Dream-RunDream Run’s development was handled by RTG, a well known creator of slot machines. They’ve used here a design that takes you in the middle of an illegal street race. If you love cars, you’re going to understand why this kind of theme will appeal to a lot of hot blooded young males, though I’m sure girls can appreciate powerful cars and adrenaline just as easily. It seems to be a bit of a dangerous environment as well, as evidenced by the presence of a handgun on the reels of the slot.

This game offers the player a total of 25 paylines to put wagers on, with a full set of 5 reels on which to place them. You will get a decent number of features once you’re inside, with the wild and scatter symbols triggering for you bonus games, free spins and multipliers. The $37,500 top jackpot available here is one option, but there are two smaller progressive jackpots that you can also dream about getting (offering you either a few thousand or a few hundred dollars).

Features of Dream Run

The full collection of features included here is yet another reason why I love this game. It’s not just about the cool choice for a theme, as this game also offers you multiple opportunities to win something extra from it.

There are actually two wild symbols that Dream Run will place on the game reels. One of them is the Racer, a symbol that can appear only on the 1st reel of the game. The presence of the Racer wild in a combination will give the player a prize worth 3 times what he would normally get.

The second wild symbol is the Opponent, with a different driver shown inside. This is a symbol that can appear on more reels (the remaining four, from 2 to 5). Even though you get more chances to form new combinations thanks to it, this wild doesn’t have a multiplier attached, so you don’t get paid anything extra. Both wilds can’t substitute for a scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol has an extra element of chance in it, so you’re not guaranteed a prize if you get it. It starts with a white traffic light symbol which appears on the reels. Whenever there are 2+ white lights on the screen, their color will turn either into red or green. If you have 2+ green traffic lights, you get paid. The ones turning red are useless. Prizes start at 1x the bet value for 2 green lights, then go up to 100x the bet for 5 green lights.


Racing Feature

You already know all about the green lights and the prizes they offer when there are a minimum of two of them present. There is a second side to these scatter symbols though. When three or more green traffic lights are present, you will get access to the Dream Run Racing Feature.


The first screen in this feature will take you to the race track, with five cars on the road and competing with each other. You have to choose the car that you believe will win. The race will then continue and if your car ends up in one of the first three positions, you get a second race and a cash prize from it. If you end up on 1st or 2nd place, the third race then begins and you get a multiplier for the free spins between 3x and 7x. The first race is the one that decides the number of free spins though, where ranks 1 to 5 give you 25, 20, 15, 10 or 5 games for free. Even without the third race happening, you still get a 2x multiplier for these spins.


Betting options and jackpots

Dream Run doesn’t make things too complicated for its players. There is no option here to change the number of lines you want to use. You simply use the Bet option to take the wager up or down, the upper limit being $125, with $5 coins for each of the 25 lines.

The regular top prize in Dream Run is offered for five symbols with the race girl. However, the presence of the Racer wild in that combination will triple its value, taking it to 7500 coins, or up to $37,500 cash.

Two progressive jackpots are available, their exact amount visible at the top. The player can’t influence or trigger them in any way, it’s all randomly done and not part of the game action.

Design and symbols

The city at night is the place where the illegal racing seems to take place, with the buildings clearly visible behind the multiple displays placed at the top of the screen. The reels are designed to look like tire tracks, the design being a bit too dark when you combine all the elements I’ve described so far. The symbols are nicely done, either symbols directly related to the game or playing cards that look like they belong in it.

Symbols: Racer (wild), Opponent (wild), Traffic Light (scatter, 100x the bet), Race Girl (2,500x), Steering Wheel (1,500x), Tire (1,000x), Handgun (750x), Nitro Booster (500x), Speedometer (500x), Ace (200x), King (200x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), 10 (100x), 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

As a gearhead myself, you will understand why I’m excited about this racing slot machine. It should be a good choice for anyone that enjoys fast cars and adrenaline.

This Dream Run slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.