Field of Green Slots

Field-of-GreenThe action in Field of Green, an RTG game, revolves around American Football. A sport that has the most fans in the United States, American Football involves contact and speed and it’s loved by many exactly because it’s so tough. The game manages to give a pretty good picture of the sport and how a game is like, with the big stadium visible and with more than half the symbols related to it in some way.

The game offers only 20 lines that you can activate, with 5 reels hosting them. This RTG slot machine has a jackpot which is progressive and will keep growing in value until it is won. You will get up to 4,000 coins out of this game, if you happen to win its big prize, meaning up to $20,000 in your pocket. As for the main features, they consist of wild symbols, scatters, free spins and multipliers.

Features of Field of Green

The wild symbol is the easiest one to describe and the simplest feature that is present in it. It’s a symbol that has a gold trophy on it, which can substitute for other symbols and if it’s in the right place, it will help you form new combinations. It has a 2x multiplier, so it will also double the prizes of those new combinations. A wild can’t substitute for a scatter symbol, but it works for all the other ones.

The scatter symbol is a bit more complex, not in the way it does things, but in what it can offer you. First of all, you’re going to get its prizes as long as there are enough scatters on the screen, without caring what their exact position is. A minimum of three scatters will get you access to the free kicks feature and the prizes it has in store for you.


Free Spins Feature

In order to get the bonus game, a minimum of three footballs have to appear (these are the scatters). Next, you will be taken to a football stadium, where you have to execute up to 5 kicks of the ball. The kicks come with two types of prizes, cash or free spins. The cash prizes can be either 5x, 10x, 15x, 25x, 50x or 100x the value of the total wager. The free spins can be either 5, 10 or 25 from a single kick.

The free spins that you’ve won will start next, with you enjoying triple prizes for their duration.

Betting options and jackpots

The presence of 20 lines in the game also tells you how many coins you can use, since RTG uses one coin per line. That coin will have a maximum value of $5, with the total bet going only up to $100.

A 4,000 coins prize is offered to the players that get five football players on the same line, so up to $20,000 are winnable in the game. There is a progressive jackpot as well, but it’s given randomly and symbols of the game have no effect on it.

Design and symbols

It’s not a bad looking game overall, as it has decent looking symbols and the background image with the stadium is not bad either. RTG made sure that every aspect of the graphics look sleek and modern, the football influence being visible everywhere.

Symbols: Gold Trophy (wild), Football (scatter), Football Player (4,000x), Helmet (1,000x), Whistle (500x), Cheerleader (200x), Beer (175x), Foam Finger (175x), Ace (150x), King (150x), Queen (125x), Jack (125x), 10 (100x), 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Obviously, if you’re a big fan of American Football, and you also play video games with it when you get a chance, you’re going to get a kick out of this slot as well. Otherwise, I’m sure there are better games out there for you.

Field of Green can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.