Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

Fruit-Bowl-XXVWhile there is no doubt that Fruit Bowl XXV is themed around the Super Bowl with the same number, the design is equally about fruits. There are fruits in the main roles, being players, cheerleaders or commentators, and they’re also mentioned in one way or another in pretty much every symbol that is used. The mix of fruits and American football makes for an interesting design, cheerful and fun to look at. The slot’s creator is called RTG (Realtime Gaming).

This unusually themed game has 25 bet lines and 5 reels. It also comes with bonus features with free spins, multipliers, a Win-Win feature, scatters and a wild. Its biggest prize will give you $37,500.

Features of Fruit Bowl XXV

The game will give you many of the features that you’re used to, including wild symbols, a scatter, free spins, multipliers and even a bonus game.

The wild’s representative in this game is a Grape Player, a purple one dressed in protection gear. To use the wild symbol, you will need it to land on a payline together with other matching symbols or with wilds. The wild takes whatever role is needed of it, substituting for symbols that are needed in the spot where it landed. Wilds also offer the slot’s biggest prizes, going as high as 7,500x for a payline occupied by Grape Players only.

The scatter symbol is another generous one, and the way it offers its prizes will make it a favorite for many. You don’t need an active line and matching symbols here, only enough symbols with scatter abilities present somewhere on the reels, it doesn’t matter where. You get paid between 3x and 200x the value of the bet when this happens.

Bonus Feature

Having 3 or more Game Logo symbols scattered on the reels will bring you the prizes I mentioned already, but it will also trigger a special feature. You are taken to a new screen, where you start off with 5 free spins and a 1x multiplier for the wins.


The bonus game asks you to go past multiple opponents, in order to score a touchdown. You pick the direction of the next movement. Each time you evade an opponent, you get a bigger multiplier by 1x and an additional 5 free spins. If you can’t evade him, the feature ends and you are taken to the free spins you collected. You can have up to 25 free spins with up to 5x multipliers from this game.

Win-Win Feature

The slot has a Win-Win feature, which rewards you if you were unlucky during the free spins and got prizes that were too low from it. If you didn’t win anything, the consolation prize is worth 250x the total bet. For wins of up to 2x the bet, you get a prize of 25x. For 2x to 5x, the consolation prize is at 10x the total bet. Finally, for 5x to 10x in prizes, the consolation will be at 5x.


Betting options and jackpots

The biggest prizes of the game will come when you use the maximum line bet, which is worth $5. The smallest line bet is at only $0.01. In both cases, only one coin is needed per line. With 25 coins/lines selected, you can bet up to $125 each round.

The best prize offered in Fruit Bowl XXV is going to give you 7,500 coins, with a top value of $37,500 for all of them.

Design and symbols

A very colorful game, it is themed around American football, but with the twist that I mentioned already, where the characters and many of the objects are either fruits directly or they have them inscribed somewhere. The background picture shows you the stadium where the Fruit Bowl is taking place, with the huge crowds in the stands and the field in the middle.

Symbols: Grape Football Player (wild, 7,500 coins), Game Logo (200x total bet, scatter), Stadium (2,500 coins), Banana Player (1,250 coins), Pineapple Player (500 coins), Strawberry Player (250 coins), Cherry Fans (250 coins), Announcer (200 coins), Blueberry Cheerleader (200 coins), Trophy (175 coins), Football (175 coins), Tickets (150 coins) and Cap (150 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

While there are a number of American Football themed slots already on the market, this is the only one to have this angle covered, and it’s a bit more fun to play than the rest of them. It pays well and it has good features as well, so you have every reason to play it.

You will find Fruit Bowl XXV at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.