Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit-FrenzyFruit Frenzy’s action was thought up and designed by the guys from Realtime Gaming (RTG). The theme here is based on the world of circus, but instead of the usual characters that populate it, you will find here that those looking to entertain you are different types of fruits. Other than that, the focus is fully on giving you a circus like experience, with all the interesting things that make you go back to them time and time again.

Part of the experience here is the design, but an even bigger part of it is offered through the features that are available. In this case, you can take advantage of features like the scatter logos, the wild pineapple, the Daredevil feature and its free spins that have multipliers. The game’s main prize is worth about $50,000 to you, while the randomly awarded progressive jackpot is a good backup plan in case the first one doesn’t pan out.

Features of Fruit Frenzy

The charming circus presenter, represented by a grinning pineapple with a thin moustache, takes the role of the wild feature in Fruit Frenzy. A wild symbol can substitute only for other regular symbols, so the scatter symbols are exceptions. In this role, the wild can contribute to other combinations if it’s in the right position to help out.

The wild symbol can also form its own combinations, should its symbols find themselves on the same line, in consecutive order and starting from the leftmost reel. A minimum of two wilds will provide you with a small prize, while the big jackpot worth 10,000 coins is given for five of them.

The scatter symbol is another popular feature in modern slots. We get two types here, though they look quite similar and they do pretty much the same thing. They are marked with “Fruit” and “Frenzy”. The “Fruit” scatter symbol gives you payouts between 2x and 200x the value of the bet, if you have two to five scatters of this type on the reels. The “Frenzy” scatter gives you only half that amount, so it goes between 1x and 100x the bet for the same number of symbols.


Daredevil Feature

The Daredevil feature is triggered in a manner I haven’t seen before, a pleasant surprise that should make your great moments in this game even better. I’m saying this because you will only be able to access this feature when you get a combination with five identical symbols on it and it doesn’t matter what they are (any five symbol combo will do). These typically pay rather well on their own, but the game will not stop at just rewarding you once. It will also give you access to the Daredevil feature, where a Strawberry character will be shot out from a cannon.

A total of three attempts are made, for the Strawberry to hit the target. The more points you accumulate, the larger the number of free spins that are given to you. The prizes won during the free spins benefit from a 2x multiplier, while scatter wins can take advantage of a 3x multiplier.


Betting options and jackpots

Fruit Frenzy allows for both the number of lines and the total bet to be changed by the player. If you decide to leave the lines at the maximum available of 25, the normal decision for most players, only the Bet option remains for you to work with. It will go up to $125 for a single round’s wager, where the coin denomination would be $5.

The wild symbol is responsible for the top jackpot here and it provides you with 10,000 coins if you get a five wild combo on an active line. If the largest coin denomination was used, the cash prize is worth $50,000.

A random jackpot is the second thing that will get your attention, always showing you at the top of the screen how many thousands of dollars you can win from it. The game doesn’t trigger it though, only luck and elements outside of this slot.

Design and symbols

The circus theme certainly is visible and easy to recognize here, as is the fruit sub-theme that RTG chose to use. However, it’s not going to impress you with the design quality. Pretty much every symbol you’re going to encounter here looks like it’s been lifted directly out of a children’s book, with both the drawing style and the lack of detail contributing to this impression.

Symbols: Pineapple Presenter (wild, 10,000x), Fruit & Frenzy (scatters, 100x-200x the bet), Strawberry Daredevil (5,000x), Orange Clown (2,000x), Pear Dancer (1,000x), Banana (500x), Plum (250x), Watermelon Cannon (200x), Clown Car (200x), Balloons (100x), Goggles (100x), Tickets (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game’s pros outweigh its one con, so I’ll give this game the thumbs up. The small downside that is the graphics style is not a deal breaker in this case, especially since all those fruit characters look like they’re just trying to make you smile.

You will find Fruit Frenzy at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.