Golden Glove Slots

Golden-GloveFans of baseball will enjoy playing Golden Glove, an RTG title that is themed around this great sport and some of the things that a sports game is generally associated with. The lights of the big arena are there as well, at the top and lighting up the stadium. With so many fans of baseball in the United States and elsewhere in the world, I expect this to be a game that many of you will want to try. Let’s see if the game is as good as the theme is.

In Golden Glove, its creators have included 20 paylines and 5 reels. The game is offering a progressive jackpot, though the real prize has a value which depends on the wager size and it goes up to $25,000. Both wild symbols and scatters are found on the list of features, along with the usual free games feature and its multiplier.

Features of Golden Glove

This is the kind of slot where the developers make a great show about how the wild symbol can help you double your prizes, even though it’s something that a lot of slot machines will offer you. As you will learn yourself, the wild feature is considerably watered down and it is only allowed to appear on the 3rd reel (so you get about a 20% chance to get a prize doubled, compared with titles that have the wild on all the reels). The Batter represents the wild feature here and it will substitute for all the symbols, even for the scatter.

The Glove seems to be a considerably more important feature in this slot machine. It’s going to give you large prizes, up to 100x the value of the bet being given for five of these symbols. With the wild contributing, the payout doubles and goes up to 200x the bet. It’s one of the features that I appreciated about this game, as it is quite rare for a wild to be able to substitute for a scatter. Here, it can even double its payout.


Home Run Feature

The Home Run is a feature which consists of 9 free spins, given to the player when the scatter symbols appear in consecutive order, either starting from the Left or from the Right. The need for them to be in consecutive order and the reduced number of free spins given take a bit out of the excitement here.

While the free spins are used, you will notice three letter symbols appearing on the middle reels (2, 3 and 4). The letters are H, I and T. When you get the HIT word formed with these three scatters, you are given a 1, 2, 3 or 4 base hit. This small bonus game consists of the runner completing the circuit and scoring a run. Each run that is done by the runner will give the player a small prize, worth 2x the triggering bet value. On top of that, the player gets one Grand Slam free game. Free spins have a 2x multiplier that is applied to all winnings.

Grand Slam Feature – starting once the Home Run is over, Grand Slam is an extra feature which uses free games you won as a result of home runs in the regular free spins. The Grand Slam spins have 5x multipliers and offer prizes of up to 100x the bet for the runs that are completed.

Betting options and jackpots

If you’d like to start a wager in Golden Glove, I suggest you work on the coin denomination in order to adjust the value, while leaving the number of paylines to the maximum of 20 possible. The coins will go up to $5, while the minimum value is $0.01. If your strategy and budget allow for it, you can bet up to $100 per spin in this game.

There are two potential top prizes here, one of them a progressive jackpot, the other worth $25,000. The progressive jackpot is awarded at random and it doesn’t require any input from the result of a spin.

Design and symbols

Golden Glove has a good design, enough to give a baseball fan a good reason to try it out and stick with it for some time. It’s a modern look that it’s going for, with computer designed symbols that look 3D and have all the right colors and details on them.

Symbols: Batter (wild), Glove (scatter, 100x the bet), Catcher (2,500x), Blonde Girl (1,250x), Baseball Fan (500x), Baseball Trophy (500x), Helmet (300x), Baseball Cap (200x), Ball (200x), Popcorn (125x), Hot Dog (125x).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a fan that enjoys watching the games, I’d recommend Golden Glove without a doubt. If you have no interest in the sport though, I’m sure there are plenty of other alternatives out there that will give you a better experience.

Golden Glove can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.