Hidden Riches Slots

Hidden-Riches-slotHidden Riches is the game RTG created for all the Indiana Jones fans out there. It’s the slot machine designed with the adventurer in mind, offering action that involves a visit to a Mayan temple, deep in the jungles of South America. While there, you will find gold idols, face dangerous creatures (snakes) and get a chance to strike it rich while enjoying the adrenaline of it all. Even the main characters is an Indiana Jones look-a-like, complete with the hat he wears on his head.

The game’s 5 reels get up to 25 active lines, in a game that offers lots of features and good payouts. The feature part is filled with scatter and wild symbols, plus the usual free games and their multipliers. The prizes get the usual random progressive jackpot from RTG, plus the title’s own $50,000 prize, which is considerably more attractive.

Features of Hidden Riches

RTG has decided to go all out with this slot, at least when it comes to the features you get to take advantage of inside. That’s why the scatter symbol ended up triggering a feature, while the wilds took over as the trigger for the free spins round.

Adventurer is the symbol which is relied upon in the role of the substitute, also known as the wild. In this case, it can only appear on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. It can substitute for the other symbols, the one exception being the Tablet symbol. With at least one Adventurer part of a combo, the player gets double the normal prize because of it.

Tablet is the other big symbol of Hidden Riches. Showing you a round stone tablet, this symbol will give you some kind of prize as long as you have a minimum of two tablets on the reels. Your reward varies between 1x and 100x what your wager was, depending on the number of symbols present.

Free Games Feature

As I’ve mentioned already, the Adventurer wild symbol is the one to give you access to the free games round. You need either two or three wilds to be present, in which case you get 5 spins for the former or 25 spins for the latter. On top of that, a 3x multiplier will triple your prizes for the duration of this feature. You can retrigger the free spins, the requirement being the same as the initial one.


Mystery Prize

The Tablet is responsible for the second feature available, called Mystery Prize. With 3+ scatters, you get access to something called Adventurer’s Circle, where you will find six positions. Five of them are cash prizes, while the sixth provides access to a bonus round. A light will flash and move from one position to the next, stopping at one of the six.

There are two possibilities here. One of them is getting the Bonus Round first, which will trigger a second round on the circle, once the initial game is done. The other is getting the light to stop on the same symbol three times. If that happens, you win the amount displayed on it, which goes up to 2000x the bet value ($250,000).

Betting options and jackpots

Hidden Riches offers the player 25 chances to win something, during each round, as long as all 25 lines are selected. The wager on each line can be as low as $0.01 if necessary, but going as high as $5 will mean better prizes. The biggest wager is worth $125.

The $50,000 top jackpot should be a good motivator for people to try this slot machine. The random progressive jackpot is not nearly as impressive.

Design and symbols

The fact that it’s about an adventure is mostly something you guess from the symbols that can appear. The game is all about the Mayans with its design, with the temple being part of the background image which supports the reel section. The design follows the Mayan look quite well, so you’re going to find it a good experience if you’re into Ancient civilizations and Indiana Jones adventures.

Symbols: Adventurer (wild), Tablet (scatter, 100x), Temple (5,000x), Woman (2,500x), Gold Idol (500x), Diamond (500x), Snake (200x), Compass (200x), Ceramic Vessel (150x), Mayan necklace (150x), Map (100x), Machete (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you’ve seen all the Indiana Jones movies, or you’re simply a fan of Mayan inspired slots, Hidden Riches is not a game you should miss. If you’re looking at the features, it will not look as impressive, so I wouldn’t call it a must play title. Its $50,000 top jackpot and the $250,000 prize from the bonus round might put it in that category for you though.

Hidden Riches can be found at any RTG casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.