Hillbillies Slots

Hillbillies-slotHillbillies is a game from RTG that offers you theme wise exactly what you would expect, a design centered around certain inhabitants of the country side in the United States. It’s not a terribly kind term to use for those that it applies to, but some do take pride in being part of that group and it does make for a fun slot machine to play. Whether they’re making moonshine, hunting or living in their dinky houses, the hillbillies that are part of this game sure make it look like fun.

The game is not without its charms when it comes to the features, offering on its 20 lines and 5 reels all the major types of bonus rounds and symbols that you might expect. You’re going to be able to enjoy free games and multipliers, while symbols offer you both scatters and wilds. The top prizes consist in a random progressive jackpot and a $25,000 payout offered by the game itself.

Features of Hillbillies

The main characters of the game, the three hillbillies, contribute in an interesting way to it. The game’s biggest payouts actually are on the low side, but with the help of these three characters they pay up to 20 times more than normal. Keep reading to find out how it all works.

The three characters that are considered hillbillies here include the Old Man, the Blonde Lady and the Young Man. These symbols are used as both wild symbols and scatters, and they each have their own reel they can appear on (1st, 3rd and 5th reels).

In their wild role, these symbols will substitute for any other and as you can guess new combinations can be formed this way. Even better though, each character has his own multiplier attached, with 2x for Old Man and Blonde Lady, while Young Man has 5x. These multipliers are cumulative, so if all three wilds take part in a winning combo, you get a 20x multiplier out of them.

At the same time, these symbols are also used as scatters, meaning that they will award prizes whenever at least two of them are present (2x the bet), with the presence of all three being the one that pays best (10x the bet).


Free Games Feature

With 2+ wilds/scatters on the reels, you’re going to be awarded with 8 free games, benefitting from a 2x multiplier. This multiplier does not apply to payouts offered by the Bonus feature, which is available only during the free spins.

Hillbilly Bonus – for the duration of the free spins, you’re going to receive bonus prizes of either 2x or 5x the bet, whenever one of the three characters makes an appearance. The bigger prize is offered by the Young Man scatter.

Betting options and jackpots

The coin value range starts at $0.01 and will go up from there, as high as $5 if you can afford it. That translates into a wager of up to $100 for a single round, since there are 20 coins/lines in the game.

The top payout is considered normal for an RTG title, offering up to $25,000 (5,000 coins). The thing is, the only way to get 5,000 coins is for all three wilds to contribute to that combo, as the regular payout is only 250 coins. While I do love the 20x multiplier that would be involved in a combo like that, the odds are smaller than in other slot machines of getting a decent payout.

The random progressive jackpot might be considered an alternative, but it doesn’t reach a huge value.

Design and symbols

The design looks a bit rough around the edges, but that’s probably just the effect of the hillbilly theme on it. Overall, it’s a pleasant experience and the characters and farm animals displayed in it are rather charming.

Symbols: Old Man (wild/scatter), Blonde Lady (wild/scatter), Young Man (wild/scatter), Hunting Dog (250x), Pig (200x), House (150x), Moonshine (150x), Ace and King (125x), Queen and Jack (100x), 10 and 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game has its charming characters and creatures as symbols, a decent mix of hillbillies that are used both as scatters and as wilds, plus multipliers of up to 20x. I’m not entirely satisfied with the prizes offered when the wilds are not contributing their multipliers, but other than that it’s a decent RTG title.

This Hillbillies slot is offered by all online casinos with RTG software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.