Honey to the Bee Slots

Honey-to-the-Bee-slotIn Honey to the Bee, RTG developed a slot machine that puts you in the middle of nature, a game with a bee theme. It tries to give you a good idea of what these great workers can accomplish and how their life is like. Flying around among the trees, creating delicious honey with the pollen they collect, the bees are indispensable and many have said that their disappearance would wreck havoc for Earth’s ecosystem. This slot machine celebrates the bee and it does it in a pleasant way, making this a must play game if you’re a fan of this little insect.

Once inside the game, you will notice that you’re playing on 5 reels, which have 20 paylines on them. The small progressive jackpot is one of the potential prizes, but you probably have a better chance at the slot’s own $25,000 top payout. The features combine all the good options that slots usually give you, which includes feature symbols (scatters and wilds) and the free spins with multipliers.

Features of Honey to the Bee

The Honey to the Bee symbols contribute both and help the player gain access to the free spins round, but they also have their own prizes and functions when they appear on their own.

The first of those two symbols would be the wild, called a Substitute symbol on the paytable. You can only get it on reels 1 to 4, but even so it will give you the best paying combo of the slot (with just four symbols). Whenever you notice the wild symbol substituting in a paying combo, you will know that you’re going to get paid double for that combination (2x multiplier).

The second of the feature symbols is the Hive, a scatter that can appear on any reel and it gives prizes based on how many there are. With all five scatters present, you will receive a 100x prize, the multiplier being applied to the total bet instead of the line wager. You don’t need all five symbols to get paid though, with two being the minimum required for a small prize.


Free Games Feature

As I’ve mentioned above, both the wild symbol and the scatter will contribute to the free games being triggered. The requirement is for one of the wild symbols to be present on one of the first four reels, while a scatter symbol appears on the 5th. This has to happen in the same round, and if it does you get 15 free games out of it and a 2x multiplier for the duration of the feature. You can also retrigger this feature, as long as you have the right symbols for it.

Betting options and jackpots

The game will typically have all the paylines activated, so if you don’t change anything you will be using 20 coins. The coin denomination is left up to you as well, with the value going to $5 if you set it that way, while the minimum is at $0.01. A $100 wager per spin is the maximum amount you can work with.

Top prizes are offered for a combo of five Worker Bees, so the wild symbol is involved. 5,000 coins are awarded in this case, with up to $25,000 cash being transferred into your account as a result. You also get a chance at a random jackpot, which is awarded at the end of the spin.

Design and symbols

You will find an unmistakable bee theme here, which has big trees on the sides, lots of bee workers flying around and sunflowers at the bottom. It’s a game with a cheerful theme that uses lots of yellow, plus the playing cards all come with honeycombs as backgrounds.

Symbols: Worker Bee (wild, 5,000x), Hive (scatter, 100x), Lady Bee (1,000x), Sunflower (500x), Honey Jar (300x), Ladybug (300x), Ace/King (200x), Queen/Jack (125x), 10/9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a summer inspired slot, with bright colors and a cheerful atmosphere that I for one enjoyed going through. The features are pretty average, as they don’t offer much extra, but the prizes are OK and if you like the theme you could do worse than with this game.

You will find Honey to the Bee at any online casino which chooses to use software from RTG, playable either for free or for real money.